Wednesday, May 24, 2017

05/23/17 Three times a coincidence? Maybe not!

It is the habit of all three dogs now to bark at the door if someone comes to the house and I am home. I have been told that when I am not home, they just look up and wag their tails! My watch dogs are not guard dogs.

Three evenings in a row, shortly after I start the shower the Fionnegan and Gunnarr leave the bathroom and all three dogs start barking - loud. The first night I thought that the neighbor had stopped over to say hello as I just came in the house from working in the yard. The second night when it happened I thought - two nights in a row I miss the door. Hmm. But on the third night of barking as soon as I stepped into the shower, the barking started again, and  I thought something must be  up.

So I was quick about it - which was a real surprise to them. No, there was no one at the door. They were running around the atrium and dining room chasing each other and playfully barking at each other and wrestling. Fionn has a "come play with me bark" and he was enjoying the effects on both Gunnarr and Shorty. They were happily barking back at him. They must have been having quite some fun.

Well when I suddenly appeared and said - what are you boys doing, they all stopped and lined up in a row facing me, tails wagging and big smiles on their faces and looking very ornery. Caught them! That would have been the picture.

Yes, they play together. Shorty is a little rough, but he is being as gentle as I think he can. He is used to a good wrestle with the dogs in Yap, but he is now the biggest dog and not the smallest, so he cannot be as aggressive as he once was. He is learning to play nice with both. And I do love to see Fionn and Gunnarr give nose bumps to Shorty at bedtime. It is really so cute.

And Shorty seems to love his walks. He now lines up at the door when I say let's go for a walk, allows me to put on his harness and waits for the leash to be attached.  I get him ready first and he patiently waits for me to get Fionn and Gunnarr ready. A lot of progress for a dog used to running the streets freely. He likes to set the pace - fast - and he likes to lead, but Fionn is at his heels as he was the previous leader. But by the end of our walks, they are all exhausted and the pace is casual. A tired dog is a good dog!

It is hard to get a picture of them playing as they start when I am either working at my desk or in the shower. But I did manage to snap a couple of the blur of action! You get the idea.

All three join in the fun!

No better pillow than your brother. Fionn and Gunnarr are both resting after an intense few minutes of three way wrestling. Shorty is under the desk sleeping, not seen in photo.

Monday, May 15, 2017

05.15.17 Making good progress

Well, life has been hectic and fun since Shorty arrived. This past week Shorty has shown a lot if interest in playing with Fionnegan and Gunnarr, a very good sign that they can co-exist together in a friendly environment. While Fionn and Gunnarr growl and jump on each other, Shorty joined the fray with sticking his nose in between then, tail awagging. Then over the weekend they were chasing each other around the yard and jumping up on each other. Fionn, who has tried to ignore him, even gave Shorty his "come play with me" bark.

We go for long walks in the park and I must say they all do well together. Shorty still leads, but I see Fionn making the move to resume his leadership role. Gunnarr almost always stays close tome as he always does. Gunnarr is my protector.

One of the cutest things happened last night. Before we go to bed, I always give Shorty a tummy rub and head rub and tuck him in his bed. I also cover him up with a blanket to keep him warm. But last night Fionn and Gunnarr gave him the sweetest nose bump before they went upstairs to sleep and Shorty was so happy - he just wagged his tail and smiled. As soon as the weather breaks we will resume our walks in the park. They all enjoy them. Shorty is eating well, does not bother the fluff muffins when they eat, and at the end of the day they all are sleeping in my study as I work.

I really am glad I brought Shorty here. I have no idea what would have happened to him had he stayed in Yap. With the threats by the landlord and the news that Connie and Daniel are leaving, Shorty would have ended up a true street dog with probably a short life span. Here he is flourishing and safe and looks very, very happy. I get so many "puppy kisses" from him that I know this was the right move to make. Shorty is in his "forever" home with his brothers Fionnegan and Gunnarr.

A tired dog is a good dog. Here are pictures of them asleep as I work. They do move around a bit but go fast to sleep.


Fionnegan on his perch by my desk.


Am still working on the ideal leash to walk three independent minded dogs. I found one on but still need to modify it to keep me from getting tangled! Am looking forward to warmer - and drier - weather so the dogs can run outside.

They all look happy.

Friday, May 5, 2017

05/05/2-17 Nose bumps

It was a rocky start adding Shorty to our household, but not unexpected. Now, the boys are getting used to each other, know what food bowl belongs to whom, and everyone lines up to go "Outside" and "Inside" and "Pause for the paws". The cutest thing is watching Gunnarr give Shorty a good morning nose bump. Shorty also gave him a nose bump through the gate when I was getting Fionn and  Gunnarr ready for their bath.  Shorty joins us to watch an evening program, although he just sits on the couch next to me. He doesn't watch TV, and runs out of the room when Fionn and Gunnarr bark at the dog on television. Fionn and Gunnarr not only watch tv, but they know what commercial has a dog and know the theme songs and or voice of the announcer. So they wait in anticipation of the tv dog.

While Fionn tries to stay away from Shorty as much as possible, today Shorty gave him a nose bump as neither wanted to go outside to empty out in the rain. They are beginning to share beds and Shorty even jumps into the two boys "condo" that they stay in while I am at work.

We also had been out walking around the soccer fields and Shorty is doing fairly well on a leash. He doesn't like it, but I keep a firm hand on it and let him set a pace that is a bit fast for the two little ones but one that will tire Shorty. Then we went to the baseball field and I let all of them off leash. Bold move, but I had to know what Shorty would do if free. He walked along side of me and the boys then Fionn was cute and ran off and Shorty ran with him. Binding maybe? Bit Fionn ran on the infield and rolled around in the dirt buying him a bath as soon as we got home. Shorty fortunately just stood and watched him. Loco pero, I said. Shorty and Gunnarr agree.

Sorry to say not many pictures of them all together as it is a challenge to keep track and be sure there is peace in the valley! 

Here is a picture of my co-pilot and navigator. We took a road trip to Pittsburgh for Easter and they were great companions. Yes, they are connected to the back seat by a seat belt and extend themselves to reach as close to me as possible. Cute little fluff muffins. Happy, too.

The boys playing on the back deck one evening.

Shorty is really very happy and gives lots and lots of puppy kisses. He is also a nipper, so I have to be careful and try to break him of that. Look at those canine teeth. Ouch!

Behind bars!  Stuck in the kitchen when I had company.

Locked outside!

Let us in!

Shorty's nighttime sleeping quarters.

Monday, April 24, 2017

04.24.17 Shorty joins our household

Well, it has been an immediate change in the dynamics of our household, but I am still the alpha dog!  After many barks and snarls and even several bona fide attacks, it is now peaceful. Shorty has found his place and for the most part Fionnegan and Gunnar stay away from him. We spent most of yesterday socializing the dogs and they do run in the yard, but separately. Shorty stays close to me, and he looks very, very happy. We all went for a walk this afternoon and did three laps around the field - all on a leash and walking together. They were exhausted and after dinner they all crashed. Good!

Here we are on our first group walk. All three made it to the park and all made it home. Not a trivial matter as I opened the door for Fionn to get out (he wants to be carried as he had been shocked once in the past) and Shorty bolted without his leash. Now the door will not open unless all dogs have a leash attached! Shorty had been eyeing the neighbors yesterday and even whined a little as he looked longingly through the fence. So that is where he went and fortunately the neighbor helped me hook him with his leash. Initially I put Shorty in the cargo area of the car, but he jumped into the back seat with Gunnarr and Fionn promptly jumped to the front. The Boys.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

04/20/17 Shorty arrived to day in Boston

Yes, he is here sleeping in my study!  After a bit of a challenge in Chicago - he was found to have his wire leash wrapped around his neck and torso and was resisting help, Shorty made it on a later flight to Boston.

It was great to see him and since then I must have received dozens of dozens puppy kisses. He was a little reluctant to put on his new collar (his old one was removed) but we managed and how he is even wearing his harness.

He was really good in the car - sat upright in the back seat and watched through the window. Bit when he saw Fionnegan and Gunnarr - well let's just say it was not the welcome I had hoped. Fionn and Gunnarr barked aggressively at him and Shorty hid in a corner. When they came at him, Shorty barred his teeth. This is going to be interesting. I am convinced that in the end it will all work out. I had them outside to run and play and empty out. Fionn and Gunnarr kep to themselves but Shorty did come inside when called. They all had a special lunch of chicken and rice and carrots and dog food and one thing Fionn and Gunnarr will learn - do not eat out of Shorty's bowl!

After lunch they went outside for a little while for independent play and  now all three are fast asleep in their own corners.

It is so good to have Shorty home. He still remembers some commands and he listens to me. The neighbor Colin came over to see him and they really have a very good visit. Shorty took to him very easily so Colin will help me by letting them out after school.

Here are a couple of pictures of Shorty on his ride home and in the boys bed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017 One more day

Received the update from Petra at the Animal Medical Center Petlodge in Guam - Shorty is on the plane and en route to Honolulu.
He did well on his vacation/quarantine in Guam. They treated him well and said he was a good and happy dog. That's my boy!  Now I had to scurry and get him a dog bed, a chew toy, and a big bone. And of course, his own bowls. He arrives in Boston via Chicago tomorrow morning. A long ride for one little dog all by himself!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

04/05/17 Exciting update!

Guess who is moving to Boston?

Need a clue?

He is short.

Has reddish brown hair.

A gorgeous smile.

Gives kisses upon request.




Has four paws.

And a beautiful wagging tail.

Yes, It is Shorty.

 Shorty is packed and ready to travel!

Long story short, Connie and Daniel could no longer take care of Shorty. Their landlord did not want him around the apartment complex. And Shorty's daily travels took him to their place at night for supper and YCA during the day as well as the park. It would be impossible for Shorty to not stay there - they were his new family.  So when Connie shared with me the news, I went into high gear and made the arrangements for Shorty to come here. It was not easy - lots of hoops and changing goal posts, so to speak. And many phone calls and emails. But all worth it.

In the end, it all worked out. Heidi and her family took him in on a temporary basis and were very helpful in getting him in his kennel and to the airport. Amos took him for that 1 AM flight to Guam. Then Dr. Ken, a vet in Guam, picked him up and he will stay there for two weeks in quarantine. They told me he was being a good dog and that the staff loves him! What a relief. I really needed to hear that. In two weeks, he will be on another flight to Boston and join Fionnegan and Gunnarr and me.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids and Shorty. I think they will miss him. Reina in particular really liked him and would play with him in my office.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

03/04/17 RIP my dear Buddy

Some very sad news this week. Buddy was killed by a car. Connie and Shorty saw it and both were shaken up by the accident.

Buddy was Shorty's best dog pal. He was a big, aggressive alpha dog and had many scars to prove it. When Shorty was a puppy, Buddy was very tough on him. He would chase Shorty and keep him from eating food and Shorty was afraid of him - he would lie on  his back in a very submissive position so that Buddy would not attack him. Then Buddy started hanging around with me - treats - of course, had something to do with that. But even before I started giving Buddy treats he started being very calm around me. He even let me tend to his injured and festering eye injury (see previous stories in my blog while in Yap). Then when Connie and Daniel started feeding Shorty on their porch, Buddy learned that he could get a meal too. I remember keeping them at arms length saying - "Buddy - don't eat Shorty's food". And" Shorty - don't annoy Buddy". 

Shorty was always trying to be friends with Buddy and eventually it worked. They both would walk home with me, most times Chocolate and Blondie joined us. Shorty always tried hard to run as fast as Buddy and it was fun to see these dogs take off down the road together. They did have fun. Buddy joined us for many events and walks. Since he big, people were afraid of him and he did not have the training that Shorty was getting. But he would sit for a treat, and sometimes give me a paw. He loved going to the park and would play, although he never quite caught on to "fetch".

After a while, Buddy was always with us. When I went back to visit, Buddy  would jump up and put those gangly legs and paws on my shoulders and give me lots and lots of kisses. And he stayed at the hotel with us, too.  He slept on my porch at night right next to Shorty.  We had our own time as I took him to lunch at Manta Ray and he was always included in treats and meals. 

I will miss the old beautiful dog, he was a great friend to Shorty and was always with him after I moved away. No doubt Connie and Daniel and Shorty must miss him very much as they fed him, too.

RIP Buddy. You were a great dog and pal.

There are more pictures of Buddy posted on Shorty's blog:

Friday, February 10, 2017

02.10.17 Snow, snow and more snow

A large storm came through the Midwest and Northeast and left us with over one foot of snow. On the good news side - we had a day off from school and work! But there was a lot of shoveling. And it became very cold. Went out in the evening hours to shovel the drive and walkways and it was bitter cold. Brrrr. One more storm due tomorrow. Bring it on!

Here are a couple of pictures of the snow.

It was even cold for the dogs, who just got a haircut the day earlier.


Chickadee at feeder. We feed the birds in the winter.

At some point I am going to teach them to shovel the deck on their own!

One of the best things after a snow storm is the clear blue sky the next morning.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Congratulations New England Patriots

Super Bowl LI Champions 2017.

Two years ago I was in Yap watching my team win Super Bowl 49. Did not think it would get any better than that with the game saving interception by Malcolm Butler. But it did get better. The Patriots came from behind to win in overtime, a very exciting game. Always believe, as miracle do happen. Tom Brady is the game MVP for the 4th time, Patriots victors for the 5th time, a record of victories.

While I watched from my couch and not the stadium, I did go to the parade in the snow. It was great to be a part of the celebrations. Here is a collection of pictures to share with all of you.

What parade would be complete without a Dalmatian dog in a fire truck?

And is there any thing more precious than watching the MVP quarterback Tom Brady with his cute son Benjamin (Bennie as his Mom calls him). (Note: photos downloaded from the internet, I could not get positioned for such great pictures.)

We Brought it HOME. (TB12)

Julian Edelman, one of my favorite players, celebrates. He made a phenomenal catch in the game. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet both Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, an experience I will never forget!

The master minds of the Patriots  - Ernie Adams, Matt Patricia, and coach Bill Belichick.

Rob Gronkowski and James White, who scored the winning touch down.

Here is a picture of the defensive line men from my vantage point. I am in the crown six deep. Family members were a large part of the celebrations and were on the duck boats with the players.

Great vantage point.

A million people lined the streets of Boston for the parade. Neither rain nor snow not cold driving winds can keep the fans away from celebrating our team. How can so many people get off from work? Should I ask?

Parade route.

The coveted prize - the Lombardi Trophy.

Baby Boy Brady - born during the third quarter of the game in the Boston area. A fan since birth!

Game day photographs.


TB12 with his sons Jack and Bennie. Terri Bradshaw and Robert Kraft.

Great catch. Julian Edelman came up with the ball despite three defenders all over him. We can watch this over and over again.

James White scores a TD.

Danny Amendola made great plays, including a two point conversion.

TB12 attempts a tackle after an interception. Every one does their job.

Quarterbacks don't really tackle all that well! Good try.


Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian supermodel wife of Tom Brady celebrates the victory with family and friends.

TB12 and Matt Ryan, quarterback of the defeated Atlanta Falcons.

An emotional time, no doubt for TB12 and the team.

TB12 with daughter Vivian. Isn't she a cutie!

And my blogs would not be complete without a picture of my boys, who enjoyed the game.

Is that a touchdown??? Let's see the replay.

Touchdown! We won the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is our hero!