Wednesday, July 4, 2018

07/04/18 Independence Day!

Many people forget that we Americans were once a colony. Our forefathers declared independence in 1776 and the people living in the Boston area were very instrumental in this movement for freedom. We celebrate this grand event with reflection, baseball, outings with family and friends, cook-outs and my favorite - fireworks.  Often I go into Boston to the esplanade or to the boat club to see the display. This year I stayed closer to home and went to Acton to watch them. While not as extensive as the Boston fireworks, they are still beautiful and exciting. And no challenges with parking!

Here are a few clips and photos of the fireworks - July 4, 2018!



Always a good finale with lots of color, lights and thunder!

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

07.03.18 Summer gardens

Summer has hit us hard with temperatures in the 90's. But the gardens look beautiful. thanks to a lot of rain last week. Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty are enjoying the new space to run and play and they are getting a lot of exercise - providing I am outside with them. So I do yard work while they chase birds and squirrels and froggies. The gardens are also a nice place to relax after work and try to read a book for a little while.

Here are a few pictures of the flowers in bloom.
A gentle, delicate, pale pink rose. Planted along the fence hoping that it will not only survive but climb along the fence as a backdrop. The buds just started to open. These are the first of what I hope will be many flowers.

Opening this morning.

These flowers transferred themselves from another garden, but are welcome wanderers!

The lilies are starting the summer blooms.

My one vegetable - tomatoes. Soon they will ripen.

The dogs have been relatively good and not trampled the plants. Fionn likes to sit under the lavender while Shorty and Gunnarr sit on the boulder.

A little more color for the gardens.

And my boys outside, enjoying the summer morning.




Dirty paws, dirty noses, must stay outside and dry-off and clean up!

Friday, June 29, 2018

06/29/18 Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Plum Island MA.

It was indeed an incredibly beautiful day - one that makes it feel good to skip out of work! I went up to Plum Island, one of my favorite places to walk along the ocean, watch birds and other wildlife - some of which is often human wildlife! I spent time watching sea gulls and purple martins. Some of the beach was closed for piping plover breeding, but saw no evidence of a plover. I do think they are finished raising the young. The beach is many miles long and is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Rather than a lot of words, here are pictures of the ocean, the beach, the dunes, and some birds for your enjoyment.

Some houses are on stilts as this is a high risk area for damage during the storms. Many homes here have been lost due to a nor'easter. They have slid down the sea wall and into the ocean!

Some really gorgeous places here. Not the simple life.

He was an entertaining sea gull. probably looking for food from picnic baskets.

What a beautiful blue sky!

Sand dunes with a light grass cover and the sea gull.

Nice boardwalk from the parking lot to the beach.

Purple martin perched on his nesting pole. They have a few purple martin houses for them - No Vacancy! All individual nesting homes occupied.

red wing Blackbirds. One has a bug in his bill.

Here is a close-up of the bug. Looks like something that might crawl.

Mourning dove. Isn't she lovely? Beautiful bird.

A few flowers along the way. The roses are just beautiful and grow well in the sandy and salty environment. Some are pale pink and others were a very deep, rich pink color.

Even airplanes were out flying along the shore!

Enjoy the sound of the sea and the waves striking the rocks.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

06/27/18 New main sail..........................

……………… and her first Wednesday night race!

Yes, my Rhodes 19 Mimì hoisted her new main sail and we were off for the races with the other Rhodes 19 and the big girls at the Cottage Park Yacht Club. It was a bit of a gloomy evening race with some high winds and wave action in Boston Harbor, but she managed to do well enough to not be the last boat in her class. The three of us who raced her were all new to each other and we had to learn to coordinate our efforts quickly. It was fun and am hoping to race her again soon.
Nice crisp new main, a decent jib, and we were off!  Hoping for blue skies and a beautiful sunset for next time, but happy to get what I can. Being on the water is such a special experience.

We have been very fortunate with some very beautiful picture perfect summer days. This week I took a solo walk - sorry Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty - along the Charles River in Cambridge. There was a lot of activity on the river - kayakers and Canada geese and mallard ducks.

The gorgeous red brick bridge over the Charles River with the boat house just behind it on the left..

And let's not forget a few beautiful water lilies, too! Could not find as little frog but there must be one here somewhere!

Hope you are having a good day.