Sunday, July 11, 2021

07.11.2021 Summer gardens, birds and a turtle

 Where is the time going? Meant to write a 4th of July blog but other things took precedent. If you read Shorty's blog - - you will see that the boys were very happy with visits from dear friends and a turtle.

We have had a lot of hot days, cold days and  rain - some due to Hurricane Elsa, some due to other storm fronts. The gardens are a jungle, the baby birds have fledged, and the day lilies are now in bloom. 

One of my favorite flower is the Black-eyed Susan. This one grows wild in the gardens and I really do enjoy seeing where they will pop-up each year. Sometimes they are in the front gardens, sometimes the back, and sometimes in a flower pot or two. I try hard not to weed them out in the early spring and summer months - I try to remember the appearance of the young shoots to give them a chance to survive.

As I was cleaning out an invasive vine (I am very allergic to it and was covered head to toe) I noticed a female catbird a bit out of sorts. As I pulled hard on the vine I saw why she was all a twitter. Here was her nest with three little ones safely tucked in their nest in the middle of vines, rose bushes and evergreen boughs. No doubt she was pleased when I left them undisturbed, but probably very upset when I returned with a camera. Yes, I left the vines in place and will return some other day to finish clearing out the invasive plants and trim the roses.

Do you see the nest and baby birds?

.Look at those baby beaks! They are huge! I was trying very hard not to disturb Momma bird and chicks.

The chicks turned over onto their backs and were waiting for Momma bird to feed them. Momma bird kept an eye on me but never came too close.

They are just too precious for words. I went back twice to check on them during the week and was amazed how quickly they developed their feathers. They fledged later that week and I see young catbirds in the yard. There also was another nest nearby, without chicks, I suspect they already fledged.

The robin is sitting on her nest with one chick. She built her nest on a gutter next to a house.


And the worm goes down the hatch! Both the male and female robins fed the chick and took turns at the nest.

The earliest of the lilies bloom during some very heavy rains. Rain drops are on the petals.

A few more flowers for your enjoyment.

Some sunshine brighten the day.


Bugs, bees, pink cone flowers.

This flower covers a 40 foot tree in the backyard. The blooms are gorgeous.

This snapping turtle was tempting fate as it crossed the road in front of my driveway. He was huge. And a bit muddy.

And yes, I got done close to him to get a close up of his eyes and nose.

I do hope you enjoyed this bouquet of flowers from my summer garden and the pictures of the baby birds and snapping turtle.

It was a busy day and Shorty is ready for another nap. Yes, it is hard work keeping an eye on Momma doing her chores.

Fionnegan, on the other hand, is in full force talking to me. He loves to talk and bark and will just chat your ear off. Not to mention he profusely kisses. Gunnarr is generally the quieter one of the two and just listens patiently. He does hold onto my every word and sometimes I just talk to see how long he will hold my gaze. They are all my boys and I love them dearly!

I do hope you all are well and weathering the very hot then very wet weather we are experiencing.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

06.20.21 Spring Gardens and a Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

 We were most fortunate to have weather conducive to the gardens. Some hot weather, some rain and did they ever grow and bloom! My favorite time for the gardens is abut mid-May when all of the weeds are pulled and there is room to walk around the lilies along the stone pathway! Also, the azaleas, dogwood, and rhododendrons are quite beautiful. But in a short couple of weeks, the mountain laurel, mock orange, verbenas, climbing roses, and peonies are in bloom. After that all of the greenery grows into a jungle! Soon the summer flowers will be in bloom as we have beautiful succession gardens around the house and the driveway. If a "weed" is flowering, I let them bloom and enjoy the beauty.

Please enjoy the "bouquet" of flowers from my gardens.

New Dawn Rose - climbing along the fence and looks gorgeous.

Purple cone flower. I have a few broken clay pots so I buried the sides of the pots halfway into the ground without their bottoms. It gives the impression of flowers growing in the pots with the advantage that the roots reach the ground and access the rain water. 

Yes, this is a dandelion! It is pretty!


We have purple and white geraniums as ground cover in some flower beds.  


Foxglove. Initially they were purple, then every year thereafter they are yellow!

The first blooming lily of the season - Stella d'Ora.


Pink mountain laurel with a bee.
Evening primrose.

Iris in front of the mock orange shrub.

Mock orange.

Pink peony.

The first rose of Spring - it was pink in an area where white roses grow!

Mountain laurels of various colors. My favorite is the white one.



Irises of different colors.

Dark pink peony. 

Honeysuckles for the hummingbirds!

White peony.

White lilacs by the front door. You can smell the fragrance throughout the house!

White old fashion rose. Blooms once early in Spring but grows prolifically.


My beautiful lady slippers growing on our hillside in the woods. I look forward every year to finding them.  They are safe from the dogs as the hill is outside of the fenced area for the boys to run. Good move.

Triplets. Same place every year.

Crooked stem!

The four of us! Can you find me?

We had a lovely walk in the forest this morning and the boys are exhausted!  They can do at least two hours of walking if it is cool. So the wooded trail is perfect - if you are careful about ticks!  Pulled one from Gunnarr right on the bridge of his nose, none on Fionnegan or Shorty. 
All smile - Someone will sleep well tonight!

We hope you all are well and enjoying this beautiful day. Hope you also enjoyed this bouquet of spring flowers and blossoms! Happy Father's Day.

Until next time...................................