Thursday, July 11, 2024

07.11.2024 Bucky Deerburger strikes again

 Our resident rodent with antlers, Bucky Deerburger, was at it again. Yes, he has been seen in the yard on multiple occasions and never seems to mind. I came home from work this past week to find him standing in my garden along the driveway. He did jump across the driveway but waited in the woods next to the house to watch me. As I approached, he galloped away over the hill.  I checked that garden, all of the buds on the lilies were intact. Good I thought. About 10 years ago he ate all of the lily buds along the driveway. Maybe not this year. This flower garden is especially nice as I have many beautiful lilies ranging in color from white to pink to yellow to orange and light purple and deep red and deep purple. From July through the end of August some lily is in bloom. It is really nice to check them each morning to see what is in bloom.

Well, it appears that good ole Bucky was just on a scouting mission when I saw him. He came back three nights later and ate ALL of the buds from the nice lilies and left all of the buds from the less special orange lilies. He apparently has gourmet taste! A few lilies have been spared - those that were blooming in between the links in the fence and those inside the fence - although he also ate my hostas inside the fence. O Bucky, you should be very careful!

Here are several pictures of some flowers that were spared his dining experience.

No bunnies to eat my daisies, black eyed Susan's and purple cone flowers!

One of my favorite. Only two buds left after Bucky was here.

These are of no interest to Bucky and are quite plentiful.. 

Hope you enjoyed the bouquet of garden flowers.

My boys - Shorty, Fionnegan and Gunnarr are just as happy as can be - even in this very hot weather.

Until next time.................................

Maybe a few more flowers with luck.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

07.04.2024 Happy 4th of July

 To those of you who celebrate the American Independence Day holiday - hope you have a safe holiday of celebrations! We too will celebrate with a cookout and fun at home.

(not my picture) - New York City and the Hudson River.

Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty are enjoying my time at home with them! And yes, they will be getting a haircut soon!

Happy 4th!

Until next time........................

Sunday, June 23, 2024

06.23.2024. Bye-Bye Birdie!

 The baby house finch was on the nest this morning.  Maybe trying to stay out of the rain and wind. They have also been sitting in the hanging baskets of flowers. After a couple of quick pictures I left her alone. When I went to check the nest later in the morning she was gone, three birds flew out. I think they must have already fledged as they appeared to be expert fliers, so down came the wreath.  I put the nest in a hanging basket just in case they wanted to use it.

Will see who nests in the new wreath next year.

Here are my boys. It was really hot for them this week and we had lots of fans going to keep all of us cooler. The rains this morning were a welcome relief although it is now hot and humid again. Hope you all fared well in the heat wave. 

Until next time.......

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

06.19.2024. Baby Carolina wren birds!

 Every year a Carolina wren and her mate build a nest in the Christmas wreath that is on the front door. They usually build it on the inside curve and I can watch them build it and then see the eggs and small birds. Not this year - they built the nest on the top making it very difficult for me to see any activity.

I first knew there was a nest in progress when I found nesting materials on the front doorstep. The wreath was still very much green and hence it was still hanging on the door. If the boys - Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty were on the porch, the bird sat on her nest. But if I should open the atrium door wide enough for me to exit, she would fly off her nest. So I stopped using the atrium door as it makes a right ankle with the front door and disturbs our little bird!

Her nest is nestled in the wreath. Very hard to see and this is the best I could do without disturbing her.

This is a nest from last year - easier to take a photograph.

So at the end of May her brood had fledged and I was going to take down the wreath. I had seen her with suet and flying off so I guess she was feeding this to the little ones. But I noticed new nesting materials on the front porch and sure enough she was back there incubating her eggs. So once again we did not use the atrium door and did not disturb her. Although she does seem to like to sing at 4:15 in the morning and sometimes she perches on the windowsill next to my bed! We look at each other for a moment and then she flies away. Apparently, she either does not mind disturbing my sleep or it is payback for her flying off her nest when I open the door! 

After a couple of weeks of knowing a renewed nest was there and a few days of not seeing her on the nest I thought they all must have hatched and fledged. So I lifted the wreath from the door and lo and behold there were at least three little one all crowding this little nest. So I carefully put it back on the hanger and fortunately did not disturb them too much as Momma bird came back to feed them and sit on top of the nest. Not much room Momma bird - they are getting big! I them went and put out another suet feeder for her and the baby birds.  I'll give her another week then check again. I think maybe they all fledged now but will give them all another chance to grow and mature! They are precious but there are no pictures. I opted not to stand on a ladder to photograph them as I think they are happier without me being a nuisance or a risk to the Momma not feeding the little ones. They are so cute and I do enjoy them singing early in the morning and also late in the evening. And I hope they return next year!

Carolina wren on the branch by the front door.

We also had a pair of house finches nesting in a tree near the front door. I did not want to bother them either so no pictures of them. This was also a popular for the cardinals to build their nests - must be because it is rather protected from the elements and other birds and dangers.

Do you have any birds nesting nearby your house? Are you able to watch the birds build the nest and then watch as the eggs hatch and the parents feed the little ones and then observe the birds fledge? It truly is special privilege to observe Mother nature.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

05.12.2024. Happy Mother's Day

To all of the Mom's, hope you all had a very nice day. Hope you were able to do something special - even if it was to take 10 minutes to yourself! 

Hope you enjoy the photographs of my garden flowers!

We had a nice day, my fur babies and me. We had a nice morning walk, and I was able to enjoy the flowering trees and shrubs.

There is a hummingbird in this picture. Can you find it? 

Fionnegan and Gunnarr before the haircut and spa date today.

Shorty loves the camera! He puts his nose and eye right up to the lens.

For a full report, see Shorty's blog for the activities of the day!
05.12.2024. Happy Mother's Day and ... A special breakfast with my Momma

Hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day.

Until next time................

Saturday, March 30, 2024

03.31.2024 Happy Easter!

 It is an early Easter this year and we are grateful that the sun is shining and that we don't have snow! For those of you who celebrate Easter, may you have a very special day. The day starts early with Mass then a special Eastre breakfast. The I will have a late lunch with friends. Good company and good food. 

Purple roses - one of my favorites. I think all flowers are one of my favorites! I am trying to have some fresh flowers in the house one way or another. They do brighten the day and the ambience!

Also like white roses.

And pink roses too! This is a lively bouquet and smells good too!

A very Blessed and Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Miracles do happen - Fionnegan is giving Shorty a kiss. Never thought I would see those two being buddies!

Fionnegan and Gunnarr enjoying a sunny day.

Shorty is all smiles!

This is Shorty's idea for a group picture when sitting on the kitchen porch. He does pretty well with photographic composition!

Until next time................................

Monday, March 11, 2024

03.11.2024 Spring has Sprung - Maybe!

We have moved out clocks forward - spring forward - and lost one hour of sleep. It has been so warm that my daffodils and lilies are about two inches high. We have had a lot of rain and am still looking on Amazon for a couple of fish or turtles to put in the ready-made pond in the basement. And last night, we had snow! Just a little, but snow nonetheless. When it rained very hard over the week end I had thought that I might like one more snowfall. While AI was thinking in terms of a couple of inches, I guess a light dusting counts. 

The pups have bene quite busy. Shorty loves the outdoors and with his very thick coat, he stays nice and warm - except for his nose. Fionnegan and Gunnarr just want to be where I am, indoors or outside, they are happy boys.

But fair to say we are all looking forward to the longer and warmer spring days.

Fresh flowers in the house are always a welcome site. The clivia is now in bloom and greets visitors in the doorway. Interesting enough, the dogs do not bother it. Good boys.

Fionnegan and Gunnarr had a spa day yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures before the haircuts. They do cry as I leave them and are just as excited when I return. You would think that after all of these years, they know I will be back!

Here are Fionnegan and Gunnarr sitting on their favorite chair.  They have just had their teeth brushed and their coats brushed too. Have to look good for the groomer.

Shorty stayed home with me and had his own grooming. I found some waterless shampoo and pour it on a facecloth and give him a good rubdown. He does really like massages and so he was very happy.  He even held still while I had to brush the shampoo out of his coat. This shampoo smells like mango and his coat is nice and fluffy.  He really is a good boy.

A pre-spa date milk bone for Fionnegan and Gunnarr.

Gunnarr eats fast, his is all gone.

And of course, one for Shorty too.

After the spa date the pups were excited to be home and hungry. 

Shorty loves the camera!

Do you have Spring fever? Are you ready for the warm sun, flowers in the gardens and blossoms on the tress? It will be here soon! Hope you all are well.

Until next time........................