Thursday, November 24, 2022

11.24.2022 Happy Thanksgiving

 It is already Thanksgiving Day 2022. Seems like just yesterday it was the beginning of summer. I haven't cooked a turkey in years, but it was my turn to do so. The turkey is done when the meat falls off the bone right? Well, that is how we gauged it. And it was easy to separate the meat from the bones. It was a nice feast to celebrate a day of thanksgiving for all of the blessings that are bestowed upon us each and every day. We know that there are many troubles both here in our country and abroad and pray that one day soon we all will enjoy a peaceful existence.  We all have to work towards that goal for it to happen.

The day ended with a wonderful walk through the woods and around the baseball fields and grade school. Just enough to keep the dogs happy and me getting some fresh air. It is good to stretch after eating dinner.

It was a good day for the holiday group picture. Shorty never seems to mind the camera, Gunnarr is a bit shy and Fionnegan is happy to oblige. 

Nap time. A big lunch, a long walk and some fresh air and it is time to snooze. What a big yawn for one little dog! Fionn is always very expressive.

Of course, everyone has a blanket!

Shorty is my loyal companion. He is such a sweetheart. He is still evolving into one really good and polite dog. He lets me through the gates first and waits for me to start up the steps before he races past me. Still won't take a bath and still does not like to be brushed, but other than that he is one relatively easy dog.

Gunnarr and a big smile. He was just sitting there smiling, smiling, smiling. He rearely lets me out of his sight!

Fionnegan resting after chasing a chipmunk. And also chasing his brother Gunnarr!  They still play like puppies, and they are now nine years old. Love the energy.

The last frost killed the last of my flowers.  Will need to find some hanging balls of greenery and a wreath for the porch to give it some color and life. It is a bit more welcoming to have some type of flowers or decorations at the front. And soon it will be Christmas, so might as well as start planning!

I do hope you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. It feels good to have a day off in the middle of the week. For those of you who are traveling, may you enjoy safe travels as you visit family and friends.

Until next time, please stay well.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

11.06.2022 Beautiful Sunset Boston Skyline

 We have been having such wonderfully warm and balmy weather that I decided I needed to see the sea! So I went to Cottage Park Yacht Club in Winthrop just in time to see a spectacular sunset.  You cannot just order one of these to appear.

The colors of the sky were magical with the sun setting behind the Boston skyline.

The colors were intense.

If you look closely, you will see a plane taking off from Logan Airport and ascending into the clouds.

I'll bet the view from the airplane was spectacular as the plane followed along the coast.

Up, up and away!

And then it is gone! Make me miss my Mimi Rhodes 19. I used to love to sit on her deck and watch the sunset while waiting for the launch. The launch driver always promised not to forget me!

And just like that it started to rain! A light sprinkle - just enough to feel the precipitation.  I do enjoy a balmy evening!

We have been sitting outside on the kitchen porch during these warm evenings.  A cold front is on the way so we have to enjoy all of this nice weather as much as we can. Instead of going to the Patriots game I stayed home and we did much needed chores. The boys were really good and stayed up with me for four straight hours of yard work. 

On the good news side of things, our bunny is still alive!  Apparently, he stays under the back deck and darted out really fast when we were all on the deck. The boys chased after him but he cleverly slipped though the fence. Run bunny run!  I hope he finds a nice winter home. Now I feel certain that the dogs were chasing after him earlier in the week as they were running in a fever pitch through some rose bush brambles. I hope they do not catch him. One burial is enough.

This warm weather has some Spring flowering plants confused and blooming now.

Cherry blossoms.

One mixed up goose in this next picture. Here is a domestic goose traveling with the Canada goose. Wonder if he is a local goose or did he migrate with the Canada geese? Or are the Canada geese our resident geese? So many questions about geese!  Maybe we all have a little Spring fever in the Fall!

But the domestic goose seemed quite content to be in the company of so many Canada geese. Too bad I did not have more time to observe them.

A seasonal monkshood. The plants that survived the summer draught will stay in bloom until the first heavy frost. Coming soon, no doubt! The stalks are much shorter but at least a few bloomed.

And an unseasonal Johnny-jump-up.

My black-eyed Susan's are still in bloom.

And so are the Stella d' Ora daylilies!

It is not nice to fool Mother Nature! Remember the commercial??  

We are going to go back outside for a little while and enjoy this balmy evening. Time for dinner and we will dine by a porch light!  

Fionnegan and Gunnarr turned 9 this week. Hard to believe they are getting this old as they still run around like puppies!  We had a lot of celebrations for the day!  Please see Shorty's blog for details! (

Please stay well and enjoy the day.  
Until next time..........................

Sunday, October 30, 2022

10.20.2022 Fall Migrations and Winter Storage.

Summer ends all too quickly. It seems I just get into a summer routine and I need to shift gears into an Autumn routine. And with the change in seasons means autumn chores! 

One of the things I have wanted to do was to go to Cape May, New Jersey and watch the Fall hawk migrations. A long time ago I had gone to Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania to watch the hawks migrate. Since covid had restricted most of my international travel, I had planned on doing some trip Stateside. So off to Cape May I went at the end of September and I was not disappointed.

Had the opportunity to watch not only hawks, merlins and kestrels but also many songbirds, shorebirds and monarch butterflies.

My favorite bird had to be a little pine warbler.  He was, shall we say, a captive audience so I took many, many photographs of this little songbird. We were crossing the Delaware Bay on a ferry when another passenger asked me to check on this bird.  He had flown into a window on the ferry and the passenger thought he was dead. But I watched him carefully and saw him take a few breaths, so I sat by his side watching and waiting and of course, photographing!  He was apparently dazed. But finally, he was wide awake and did fly away. I do hope he was strong enough to find his flock onto wherever he might be migrating.  I wonder what that little bird was thinking about all of the attention he was getting. O - what a splitting headache I have may be his only thought!

 Pine warbler.

Perched on the rail and ready for take-off. He flew away and I hope he remained safe.

While on a bird watching tour, one gets used to early morning starts (just like at home!) I really enjoyed getting up before sunrise so I could take a nice walk along the shore. It was beautiful and peaceful and allowed me to take a few sunrise pictures. There are two skimmers (seen as dots) flying across the sky.

There were so many birds and so many pictures that I still need to do more edits. But here are a few photographs of birds seen from various locations on Cape May, from along the bay to along the sea and inland at the Cape May Birding Observatory.

Cormorant - beautiful blue eyes.

Cure little fawn. 

Royal terns and ruddy turnstones.

A long shot of a ruddy turnstone.

Setting sun from the Lewestown to Cape May ferry across the Delaware Bay.

Ruby throated hummingbird.


One of many raptors.

Sharp shinned hawk.

Kirtland's warbler.  A rare bird, generally found in the Midwest. This was the first siting in Cape May. As one of the birding capitals of the states, there is a bird alert that goes out when rare birds are found. You wouldn't believe how many people had gathered to find this little one.  I was most fortunate to snag a couple of photographs before he headed back into the brush. Warblers don't hold still for long! A second warbler was later reported along the scrub on the beach a few miles from this location. Most likely blown off course die to storms and winds. 

Savanah sparrow on a fence.

Monarch butterfly. I tried all week to get a photograph of one on a flowering bush - finally!


Sharp shinned hawk. There were quite a few of these and some flew close enough for me to not only see but also photograph. 

Cedar waxwing. 

Flocks of cedar waxwings. What a sight to see so many of them in a flock.

Bird counter. Cape May Birding Observatory hires skilled people to count the birds migrating. They work full shifts - sunrise to sunset. 

Red fox.

Seaside sparrow found in the rushes.

 Black crowned night heron.


Avocet. We observed large flocks of these beautiful birds. They are as graceful as they are beautiful. 

A fast moving bald eagle. While he is blurred, I couldn't resist adding him to the blog. We saw quite a few eagles - what a beautiful site watching them soar high up in the sky.

It would not be a trip to Cape May without seeing a Cape May warbler. Here she is - eating berries in this tree.

The black and white warbler is one of my favorites. And I am always delighted when I can spot it. This is the first time I have been able to get a picture. 

Mourning doves. 

Great heron.

Lesser yellow legs.

Sunrise with skimmers.

Seaside sparrow.

Monarch butterflies.


Big spider in a web.

All in all, this was a great trip.  There is so much I need to learn in order to identify birds and I am enjoying these opportunities. And one more picture of that little pine warbler.

Winter storage? Yes, I had to put my Rhodes 19 Mimi away for the winter.  Went to see her after returning from the trip. She is all wrapped up and ready for a long winter stay. It was good to dry dock her before I left as the hurricanes were coming up the coast and one never knows if they will hit us or safe. So best to keep her safe!

Getting her ready for her long winter's nap! Preparing for another summer sail - the last of the season.

Hope you all are well. It has been sometime since I wrote. Will try to do better and post again soon.

And Shorty, Gunnarr and Fionnegan are doing quite well. I think they are enjoying the cooler temperatures. 

Until next time..................