Friday, February 10, 2017

02.10.17 Snow, snow and more snow

A large storm came through the Midwest and Northeast and left us with over one foot of snow. On the good news side - we had a day off from school and work! But there was a lot of shoveling. And it became very cold. Went out in the evening hours to shovel the drive and walkways and it was bitter cold. Brrrr. One more storm due tomorrow. Bring it on!

Here are a couple of pictures of the snow.

It was even cold for the dogs, who just got a haircut the day earlier.


Chickadee at feeder. We feed the birds in the winter.

At some point I am going to teach them to shovel the deck on their own!

One of the best things after a snow storm is the clear blue sky the next morning.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Congratulations New England Patriots

Super Bowl LI Champions 2017.

Two years ago I was in Yap watching my team win Super Bowl 49. Did not think it would get any better than that with the game saving interception by Malcolm Butler. But it did get better. The Patriots came from behind to win in overtime, a very exciting game. Always believe, as miracle do happen. Tom Brady is the game MVP for the 4th time, Patriots victors for the 5th time, a record of victories.

While I watched from my couch and not the stadium, I did go to the parade in the snow. It was great to be a part of the celebrations. Here is a collection of pictures to share with all of you.

What parade would be complete without a Dalmatian dog in a fire truck?

And is there any thing more precious than watching the MVP quarterback Tom Brady with his cute son Benjamin (Bennie as his Mom calls him). (Note: photos downloaded from the internet, I could not get positioned for such great pictures.)

We Brought it HOME. (TB12)

Julian Edelman, one of my favorite players, celebrates. He made a phenomenal catch in the game. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet both Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, an experience I will never forget!

The master minds of the Patriots  - Ernie Adams, Matt Patricia, and coach Bill Belichick.

Rob Gronkowski and James White, who scored the winning touch down.

Here is a picture of the defensive line men from my vantage point. I am in the crown six deep. Family members were a large part of the celebrations and were on the duck boats with the players.

Great vantage point.

A million people lined the streets of Boston for the parade. Neither rain nor snow not cold driving winds can keep the fans away from celebrating our team. How can so many people get off from work? Should I ask?

Parade route.

The coveted prize - the Lombardi Trophy.

Baby Boy Brady - born during the third quarter of the game in the Boston area. A fan since birth!

Game day photographs.


TB12 with his sons Jack and Bennie. Terri Bradshaw and Robert Kraft.

Great catch. Julian Edelman came up with the ball despite three defenders all over him. We can watch this over and over again.

James White scores a TD.

Danny Amendola made great plays, including a two point conversion.

TB12 attempts a tackle after an interception. Every one does their job.

Quarterbacks don't really tackle all that well! Good try.


Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian supermodel wife of Tom Brady celebrates the victory with family and friends.

TB12 and Matt Ryan, quarterback of the defeated Atlanta Falcons.

An emotional time, no doubt for TB12 and the team.

TB12 with daughter Vivian. Isn't she a cutie!

And my blogs would not be complete without a picture of my boys, who enjoyed the game.

Is that a touchdown??? Let's see the replay.

Touchdown! We won the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is our hero!