Wednesday, March 25, 2020

03.25.2020 Intense times and a tribute to our friend Lucky

This is an intense time for all of us. With the coronavirus affecting the global community, we are aware of our own fragile community. This is also a time to think of each other and be helpful by following the guidelines for us in terms of social distancing. I am most amazed at the empty shelves in our grocery stores and pharmacies for items such as toilet paper, paper towels, flour and sugar and pasta! Prepare for essential items but do not hoard. Remember those that may not be able to get supplies and leave a box or two of groceries at their doorstep.

We are doing a lot of telemedicine at work, but one cannot do a physical examination over the phone!

At my house, we are all well. The boys are as active as ever and have a bit of Spring fever, even though it snowed the day before yesterday! Yes, a bit more snow in Spring. Doesn't matter as it melts very quickly.

To help lift your spirits, I will help by adding a few pictures of my boys. They are always a delight and cheery.

 Fionnegan                                                        Gunnarr in their matching sweaters.

Shorty too has a matching sweater!

Here is a wild turkey displaying his feathers. Mating season!

And here is the rest of his flock.

Lilies in snow. Daffodils in snow. They should recover from the cold and bloom later in the Spring and Summer.


This is our little friend Lucky. Lucky is the reason why we have Fionnegan and Gunnarr. I would dog sit him sometimes and bring him to my house. We would run and play in the woods and on trails and go for very long walks. He was a sweet and beautiful dog. Lucky died this month at the age of 13 1/2 years old. A good boy and a friend of Fionn and Gunnarr and Shorty. He knew that when his sweater was put on him that he was coming to visit. He spent Sunday afternoons with us the last couple of months so he could have some companionship and play with the dogs. He also got a bath in the kitchen sink here. While Fionn and Gunnarr slept under the kitchen table, Shorty sat up and kept a close eye on the situation. He had never seen a dog get a bath in the sink. And I suspect he was going to make certain HE did not have to take a bath in the sink.


Yes, after lunch we played outside for a while. Then I let them all take a nap on my bed. They look so cute together. And, yes, there was no room for me, so I worked at my desk nearby.

Lucky sleeping on my pillow. He really liked to do that, even when he was visiting as a younger pup.

Gunnarr and Lucky.

Shorty in particular loved Lucky. He always kept an eye out for him and was very gentle with him. He must have sensed that Lucky was older and not well.

Fionnegan and Lucky.

Let us inside! Please!

Typical Bichon frise moves!

Treat time.

We all miss you Lucky. Sunday afternoons are just not the same without you. RIP.

So if not anything else, perhaps some can catch up on nap time! Or just keep quiet while Momma works!

We all hope you stay well. Our very best wishes for your good health during these very trying times.

May the road always lead you to where you need to go. Until next time.........