Sunday, November 30, 2014

12.01.14 WWII History lessons

Yesterday, Marie and Glenn from New Zealand, took me for a tour of the WWII aircraft wrecks that are still on the island. An American and Glenn are working to find a specific plane that was flown by the American's relative. We also saw the Continental airplane that flipped over landing at the old airport in the 1980's. While several were injured, no one was killed. It was a very interesting day and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more relics of the war. You will see in one of the pictures that Glenn has a machete to clear the way as well as to clear some of the growth around the planes. The planes are American and Japanese. There is a website: that has many pictures and stories.

The next two pictures are of an American aircraft.

Marie and Glenn by a Japanese aircraft.

The next two are of the Continental aircraft. Eventually the jungle reclaims everything.

Search for the American plane.

 Wing of Lt. Lillard's plane. They will resume looking for the rest of the aircraft in 2015.

Land based Japanese gun.

Downed American plane.

Friday, November 28, 2014

11.28.14 Friday "Black Friday"

It is funny to hear the staff talk about "Black Friday". A lot shop on the internet.

Tonight was perfect weather for me. It has the feeling of a storm in the air - wind is at 10 to 15 knots, gusty up to 20 or so, warm and humid. I went to Mnuw after making dinner for Judith and myself (another PCRV). A concert by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac was shown on the big screen and I was in a favorite corner outdoor seat so I could watch the stars "come and go" and feel the wind and listen to the waves lap against the boats. I would have stayed there all night if I could.

This has been a long week. The brochures for which I have been waiting for a long time still have not  arrived. I am at the predicted phase of a volunteer life where all of the gaps in the system become more than evident and one questions the impact of your work. One of those days.

I gave my 5th CME lecture today on the surgical management of breast cancer. That is a lot for being here less than three months. I was also supposed to give a training session to the Public Health and Community Health Nurse, but the room was double booked, a meeting time that could have been used was cancelled ten minutes after it was suppsed to strat. You know, one of those system disorganized days. If these developing places were more organinzed and had better communications, probably half of their problems would be solved.

My buddy Chocolate found me as I was walking to work around 5:30 this morning. His boobed off tail was wagging as he got into step with me until I noticed him. I fed him and he usually stays, but lately he has been walking up to the hospital with me - a long walk for this old dog. Then he settled in along the side of the hospital and I do believe he would have waited for me all day. I had forgetten something at home so I had him follow me back. It was obvious he was tired, so he left me at midpoint to rest. He walks in the outside corridor to follow me and I have to be very careful no one gets upset. Hence leading him back towards my home seemed like a good idea. He is getting better or it could be my imagination. But he is running and happy. And we have become attached to each other. I do have to be careful by the hospital. The pup Cutey looks forwards to my treats and they don't really like each other. I have trained Cutey to "shush" so he doesn't bark when he is excited ot see me. The distraction of the dogs is probably what keeps me sane here some days.

Here is Chocolate. He stayed by side for over an hour and a half, without treats. I don't want ot encourage him to come ot the hospital and only feed him by my place or along the raod. The door lock to the office was jammed and I couldn't get in. Figures. I went so early to prepare for the lectures and ended up sitting on the bench.

Still mangy, but less mangy. He lets me pull out the old hairs that are loose.

Nap time, after all, he got up at 5:30 for breakfast! He still is wearing the ribbon!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

11.27.14 Thanksgiving in Yap

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with  my teacher friends and Jesuit priests (they cooked!).

Here are pictures of our dinner.

Turkey, Gone.

Everyone here is a football fan - Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns. They are laughing because when snapping the picture I said "Say .. Go Pats!"

Postprandial rest.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11.27.14 Happy Thanksgiving

As we celebrate this very special holiday and give thanks for our many blessing and gifts, my best wishes are with you and your family for a very Happy Thanksgiving. And if you are traveling, please have safe travels.

Here is one happy turkey that got away!


11.26.14 Mail and homemade cookies

We all look forward to Wednesday. The flight from Guam arrives late in Tuesday night bringing the island mail. The freighter was also here today - unloaded and  left. I am still waiting for several boxes  of  brochures that I ordered a long time ago. so hopefully they are on this shipment. I could not wait anly longer to give the lectures so we did  it without the benefit of the brochures.

Was very surprised to see that my boys Fionnegan and Gunnarr are in the Thanksgiving spirit. They do look cute.

Thank you all for the  cards, and to my friend Kari for the homemade cookies. What a surprise that was.  This  is a picture of me after eating a cookie or two.

Yap is said to be very low key for Christmas. There is one tree already  lit  and was a beautiful site this morning on my way to work.

Had trained the Public Health staff in donning and doffing personal protection equipment. Then I told them that they would train the rest of the hospital staff. They were a bit surprised that I would turn it all over to them, but that is the only way for any program to b e sustainable. Naty and Daniel gave the first lectures today, including the pre and post lecture test.  Here are some pictures of them teaching in the conference room. They did very well and it was nice to hear Naty use some of my phrases in her lecture! She also used my style of presenting, asking the audience questions as she went through the slides. Good for her.

Looks like  I have a front row seat for the rest of the hockey season!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11.25.14 Tuesday

So far it seems like a very long week and it is only Tuesday.

No new word on the disposition of our refugees or our poachers for that matter. However, and I don't have a picture of this because we were in discussion, but the Vietnamese were roasting a dog for dinner. They also  had a cat for a stew last night, I kid you not. When I saw the dog I was upset, especially since I had not seen Chocolate all day. I asked the head of the EPA three times where they got the dog and he said casually just some dog running around. Then I made a comment it had better not be my dog and he saw that I was very serious and worried, so he said it came from a village. I did not believe him and I worried the rest of the day because I couldn't find Chocolate in any of his usual places (like waiting for me by my stairs or on the road coming home). I went out later to look for  him again despite the threat of yet more rain and  finally found him. No one was ever so happy to see a stray dog as I was. He was fed and it is really cute how he eats right out of my hand and he is very gentle. Some of the boys around where I live now know his name so I let them feed him too. And also extracted a promise from the older one to keep an eye on him when I am not around. Chocolate now runs - he used to drag on behind me but today he was running ahead of me and turning around to see if I was still there. See a what few calories a day can do. His coat is also looking much better. (I was reminded that I also brought stray dogs home when I was a little girl. I do remember that,)

We saw a movie star at lunch today. Her name is Elizabeth Oropesa and is from the Philippines. The people in the restaurant (Ganir) were thrilled to see her. The man waving is the cook and he makes a great spicy chicken. I have started going there because 1) the price is right, and 2) they have football!!!!!!! They have a wide screen tv and we can watch Sunday and Monday and Thursday night games. I can get there sometimes on a Monday and today was just plane good luck. Ms. Elizabeth is wearing the hat. BTW - the cook said his favorite team is the New England Patriots.

Elizabeth with Graham, another Peace Corps Response volunteer (marine fisheries).

More hand made Christmas decorations.  They have put a few up in the Public Health office and the laboratory as well as the wards. This one is for me and I will figure out how to get it back with me.

Tuesday is "Little cuties day" Here is another little cute one who had really big smiles when I played with her. There are realy some really beautiful babies here.

Monday, November 24, 2014

11.24.14.Tropical storm

We are in the midst of another tropical storm and this one is predicted to last the entire week. The winds are intermittently very strong and the rains very heavy. It is warm, not hot, and a nice if  not wet change. Checked on our refugees, they are doing well and are very polite whenever I  come to check on them. No word yet on their disposition. Otherwise, it is work per usual.

Here are a few Christmas decorations made by two nurses on the ward. They are beautiful and cleverly made.

Notice the snowman under the tree!

Look who is wearing a ribbon collar!