Sunday, January 26, 2020

01.26.2020 Where has the month gone?

It seems as if it was just Christmas and the New Year holidays.  Now we are at the end of January!  My boys and I have been busy and enjoying the new year. They love the snow and are great companions when I am outside shoveling.

While editing some video I took of them playing after the last snow storm, Fionnegan took a look at the computer screen. Now he frequently sits on the table near me, he has never had an interest in watching the computer screen. Until when there was a movie of him and Gunnarr and Shorty!

He started barking with excitement. Lots of excitement. That signaled both Gunnarr and Shorty to look and everyone was barking!  This is the first time they have seen themselves in action!

Fionnegan' s first glimpse at the video while Gunnarr is watching for a dog on the television.

Fionnegan is intensely watching Shorty.

Gunnarr is watching from the floor. It is hard to pick him up and take pictures at the same time!

He is a view of Fionn and Gunnarr watching the video. Could not lean back far enough to get Shorty in the picture but he was at my side watching too.

He is watching himself and Gunnarr.

Shorty is trying to see form the floor. Now he is too big to lift up on my lap! He watched and was very excited to see his bright green coat.

Perhaps I am one of few people who had hoped it snowed last  night instead of rain. The dogs love the snow and run and play in it for as long as it takes me to shovel.

Here are a couple of videos of them playing. Both Fionn and Gunnarr slipped out of their four legged sweaters and Fionn was on his second change of clothes. Shorty loves the snow and the cold and wants to stay outside for as long as he can. He is the first one out and the last one back inside.

These pajamas do not stay on long with all of the running and playing!

Time to go inside and warm up! Hot chocolate for me, warm water and a treat for them.


For more adventures of Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty, visit Shorty's blog at:

Until next time, may you find happiness in all you do.