Sunday, January 17, 2016

01.17.16 update on green boat men

Situation still reported as tenuous. No news in terms of relocating them or allowing them any freedom of movement.

01.16.16 .... Playoff football

What a great game. Our New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs to advance in the AFC Divisional playoffs in the NFL. Went to the game - not too cold but I was really bundled up. Finally getting used to the cold. We had snow in the morning but it stopped so that we had clear weather with just a little wind. While it snowed I took the boys out to play and they loved it!

The Patriots led from the first opening drive.  Everyone was back in good form and it was great to see Julian Edelman (nice guy, met him in 2013) back and playing extrememly well. It was a great game for us Patriot fans.

Here are a few pictures of the game and one frozen paw print!

Frozen snow in the yard leads to some slippery running.

Game day. Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski. Steve Gostowski, Donte Hightower, Chandler Jones and the entire team all in good form. Gostkowski set another record.

National anthem with rockets during the song "And the rockets red glare...."

We scored a touchdown on the opening drive and nevere looked back.  Why do we say we when we aren't playing? Because we support the team.

Our next game is either in Denver or at home against thePittsburgh  Steelers (my first team).

Boston globe photo, not mine!  Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick.

Friday, January 1, 2016

01.01.2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR

From my home to yours, may you all have a very healthy and prosperous and Happy New Year.  May we always remember those less fortunate than us and may we make and keep the new year's resolution to be a better person each and every day. And may God's blessings be with your each and every day.

Had some fun on New Year's Eve. Took my pups Fionn and Gunnarr (and yes I miss Shorty) out for a run along the shore where we chased seagulls that taunted us. Such fun, boys shared a hot dog - a real treat for them. Then we came home where they continued to run run run in the woods and the yard. Lots of energy. We have a lot of snow and ice in the yard and they appear to enjoy running and rolling around on it. For me, I am still shoveling and have a lot more to do. And now I have a lot of sore muscles!

The evening was spent with friends Sylvia and Dan and daughter Em and their pup Lucky. We had a nice dinner and best of all, watched the Patriots winning Super Bowl 49 in 2015 and then Dan also had videos of the celebratory parade, something I missed while living in Yap. Fun to watch and a great way to bring in the New Year with good friends..

Fionnegan and Gunnarr enjoying the snow.
 Skyline of Boston, MA and Boston Harbor.

This is a view with Logan airport, you can see the plane take-off. In the summer I used to work on my little sailboat and watch the planes land and take-off. The club is right next to the airport. While sailing through "hurricane alley" the back draft from the planes make my small boat turn on its side and take in water over the rail! Such fun!! Will plan on sailing in the summer. Dreams are good!

Dredging operations in Cottage Park, Winthrop. With luck, the waters will be deep enough so that boats are not grounded at the docks. Or moorings. Water level was getting all too shallow for comfortable sailing.

The last rose of summer. It survived snow and freeing rain along the shore in Winthrop, MA.

Lucky enjoys his peanut butter flavored bone.

Running, playing, wrestling. A good life for my boys.

Boston Harbor, taken from Cottage Park.

Sylvia, Dan, Lucky, Em. Counting down the seconds to 2016.

Happy New Year toast!

Time for a snooze. They all stayed up to ring in the New Year, then out like a light! They were happy to come back home and sleep in their own bed, too.



Happy New Year!