Monday, March 30, 2015

03.30.15 Typhoon Maysak

Looks as if we are going to be lucky and it will not sack us. Maysak is taking a northwesterly turn. She would have to take a straight left turn to  hit us now full force. Guam looks like she'll be OK, too. Here are the latest NOAA images and typhoon projections.

FSM National health office told us there was at least one fatality in Chuuk from the typhoon. For us right now, looks like a tropical storm impact. Shorty and I can handle this!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

03/30/15 Typhoon Maysak. Back in Yap.

Typhoon Maysak may sack Yap late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning. The PC volunteers from the outer islands of Ulithi and Fais have been brought to mainland Yap yesterday in preparation for the hit. Right now, it looks close. Hit Chuuk yesterday. It has a westward projection but am hoping it heads north and misses us. Of course, we need to worry about Guam and Saipan and the Northern Marianna islands, too. We all are at risk right now.

This is the weather map from NOAA on 3/20/15 at 10 AM (Yap time).

Here is the projected course as of last night:

Everything else here is fine while I was gone. Shorty was in a fight of some sort and has a cut above his right eye and one on his leg. Buddy is doing fine, and his eye wound is healing. Blondie is still as cute as ever and gets all excited when she sees me. And I have fed Scarback but Sweet Baby is missing. It will  be a dilemma on what to do with them all if the typhoon  or even a tropical storm hits. I'll try to get Shorty back to my place, but I might have to evacuate to the hotel  with everyone else. We'll see.

BTW - Shorty is enjoying his new toys. We play before and after I  work.

He is a curious one.

He is enjoying the tennis balls.

This is how he covers his nose whenever a big dog comes after him.

Fionnegan (blue) and Gunnarr (red) are also doing well in Maine. They have been enjoying the snow, too. Here are the latest pictures of my boys.


Kayangel, Palau

The last day of my R&R was spent in Kayangel, an island about one hour off shore going north. It was a lovely bus ride to get to the dock, then en route we went snorkeling in a fair bit of current. But I saw some beautiful fish and purple coral. Then we did some hand line fishing and I caught 4 red snappers. When we got to the beach at Kayangel, we grilled the fish for lunch. It was a beautiful island with a lot of capped terns, black and brown noddies, and a few white tailed tropic birds (one of my favorites).

Did I forget to mention the puppies? In Palau, I am happy to report, the dogs appear well fed, most have collars, some with name tags, and these two puppies were on a leash. The boy is watching them for a man who helped us load up the boat for the trip to Kayangle. The puppies were having a grand time playing.


Haven't been fishing since I was a kid. It was fun.

Black noddy on driftwood.

Sand bisquit.

There is a hermit crab in there!

Beautiful sea and sky.

They just "hang out" on a sand bar. Watching the tide roll away.

Our boat. Not for the faint of heart. And yes, you jump out and walk in the water to get to the beach. Water was up to my waist. For others, not so deep.

A very old and worn shell.

These birds are so cool. I could watch them all day. They are excellent at fishing.

Must be a great view from on top of that palm tree!

Clam shell.

Leaving Kayangel. It was hit hard by the typhoon in November (Typhoon Hagiput) - same one that hit us. Name was changed to Ruby when it hit the Philippines.

The crew.

Friday, March 27, 2015


A little R&R in Palau has been a very good idea. Palau is just as beautiful as advertised. It is lush green with beautiful sea views. Had been snorkeling four times along the coral reefs of the Big Deep, an experience in itself. Visited the Rock Islands - limestone islands that are covered with vegetation and trees but no soil, the Milky Way which has a mud that is used for facials, etc. And snorkeled at Jellyfish Lake - there are millions there and they swim and just bump right into you. You can actually hold them in your hands underwater. Palau also has a variety of restuarants, a very nice change in diet. Tried somewhere different every day. In addition, I really enjoyed the two museums - the National Museum and the Epsitson (spelling not quite right). Today I travel up north then tonight leave for Yap.

More pictures when I get a faster internet connection. :)

Rock Islands - a protected area. Can visit with a permit only - which is good for one week. Well worth it, these islands are beautiful and hopefully will be preserved. The water is warm and perfect for snorkeling with all of the reefs and fish.

The islands are worn away at the base from the tide. This gives them a "mushroom" shape. Some have small beaches, others none.

Sunset taken at the Palau Pacific Resort, which I visited last night. There was a cultural dance - more melodious than Yap, but very brief. The highlight was the wonderful conversations about local issues that I had with the restaurant supervisor.

Another example of the water eroding the base of the islands. Amazed at how these trees can grow in limestone.

Cultural dancers. Westernization has led to wearing tops - just like Hawaii, although the custom is for the women to be topless throughout the Pacific Islands..

Thursday, March 19, 2015

03/20/15 Wrapping things up this week

No idea where the time flies. It is Friday before I know it. A busy but good week. And I did start a new class with three motivated PH staff, so I think this should be a good group. We had Spring weather on Tuesday, then it has  been really really hot since. It is even too hot for Shorty!
Tomorrow I leave for a week of R/R in Palau. I hear it  is a beautiful island and am looking forward to the opportunity to visit. It is just a short hop away with good bird watching, snorkeling, kayaking and diving. I have been certified yet in diving, but I do hope to go kayaking.

We have had a few canine incidents here. The latest affected Buddy, who must have been in a fight with a bigger dog as he sustained serious soft tissue damage to his eyelid and skin. Sparing details, he is now back to health with a good course of antibiotics and all of his wounds are clean. And he is getting some good calories, too.

Boxes of surprises have arrived - always nice for all!

Here is my little Shorty - keeping me company while I work. He spent the night in my apartment once as he was roaming the streets when I went home. He was a good house guest!

Poor Buddy. Wonder what the other dog looked like. But he is getting better. The dogs sleep under cars during the day as it is cooler for them. That is what is also recommended if you are stranded in the desert - stay under the car during the day.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

03.17.15 Happy St. Patrick's Day

The sea was not dyed green and I am not sure if there will be green beer at the marina.

So far the week has been busy. Went to a birthday party for a 2 year old - Anthony Connor, whose grandfather is the past Lt. Governor. There was plenty of good food and music and a good time.


This is Judith's farewell party at Manta Ray. She decided to go home early as her work is finished. With her leaving, I will never know the local news. She knew everyone and everything.                

Jennifer, Judith, Graham (current PC volunteers) and Rachel and Darrell (former PC volunteers)

Judith getting ready to dive off the Mnuw (schooner).

And she jumped.

Monday, March 16, 2015

03.15.15 hanging it up dance





Did have the chance to see the men's sitting dance. It was really good - and dynamic. The pace increased with time, which was a major crowd pleaser. There were many people there. It is a hanging it up event as there will be no more dances or practices until it  is time to prepare for  the canoe festival (that is what I am told).

Here are a few pictures of the event and the wak to get there:

There was a litter of near white puppies 2 months ago. One of the puppies belongs to a security guard. They are fond of each other!




Sally, Wa'ab Community Health Center (WCHC) Case Manager