Wednesday, March 21, 2018

03.21.18. Spring. Snow (again) and Shorty's birthday

Today is the first day of Spring. Finally!

Spring is my favorite season and we are welcoming her with yet another nor'easter snowstorm!  They are calling for about a foot, but we'll see. Could be more, could be less. But the days are getting longer and we are enjoying the prospects of warm Spring days some time soon.

Shorty had a good day with special meals and treats and time to run in the yard. He even held still so I could take a picture of him in his birthday hat (a gift from his Auntie Paula).

He is giving me a puppy kiss. He wanted to stay close - a bit of a challenge for a picture.

Happy Birthday Shorty! Spring weather will soon be here!

Friday, March 16, 2018

03/16/18 A winter wonderland ....

.... and possibly one more to come!

We have been hit by three nor'easters within the last two weeks. The second one created much damage - trees and power lines were down and all roads in my town impassable. Power was out and so were many services. The third one hit us with almost two feet of snow, but this one was lighter and fluffier and easier to shovel. Actually, Shorty made the first path along the walkway and I just widened it a little. No sense spending too much effort shoveling when all of the snow will melt soon!

Here are a few pictures of our latest snowstorm.

My path maker Shorty! The snow was higher than he is tall. Fionnegan and Gunnarr also follow in his footsteps.



Oh - the sun is back out early in the morning!

My big helpers taking a much needed nap after running and playing and jumping in the snow.

OK, one peak to see what is happening when he naps.

So the snow is slowly melting and the driveway is visible. But we are waiting as there is a chance that we will have one more snow storm this coming week. But no problems, we are always prepared!

If you were involved in one of our recent storms, hope you were safe and sound.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

03.10.18 Weather weather everywhere!

One thing we all know in New England is that winter in never over before May. Last Sunday I was clearing out the gardens and four days later we are clearing downed trees from the yard and driveway.

Yes, another nor'easter hit us and delivered over one foot of heavy snow. We have trees and bows everywhere. One just missed crushing the front of the car and a second was blocked by the new fence that was installed because of Shorty's arrival. So out came the hand saw and I had to saw the smaller branches in order to move this huge limb. I could not even lift it! Finally I was able to drag it to the side of the driveway.

The car is hiding somewhere behind these branches. Minimal damage. Very lucky indeed.

My French lilac and my crabapple tree sustained a lot of damage - they had bloomed profusely last spring. We'll have to wait and see how they recover before I bring out the ole chain saw.

The tops of a few hemlock trees fell into the yard and the only advice I can give is "stay clear"! we heard the crashing of trees and limbs all night. Here is Gunnarr and Shorty checking the new fallen snow! Shorty makes the path for Fionnegan and Gunnarr. As much of a surprise as it is, Shorty has the longer legs!

Here are the three of then having fun in the snow.

Shorty has a great time in the snow. He rolls around in it and buries his nose in the snow banks.

 Inside looking out. The front gate was open so they had to stay inside while I sawed branches. And they had to thaw out and melt those snow bunnies stuck to their coat and hair.



 And they are off to the races!

Always time to wrestle.

 Snow bunnies on Gunnarr.

 Fionnegan is having a great time running in the snow. And collecting snow bunnies.

Are you coming in or going out?

The puppy cave is created from a bent willow shrub. The kept running under the branches and seemed to really enjoy it.

My little Fionn. He is the smallest and has the biggest "personality"

My sweet Shorty.

My darling Gunnarr.

Shorty enjoyed the puppy cave too.

Good buddies.

Shorty is one happy dog. Look at him smile!

Blue color in the ice and snow.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

02.28.18 Moonlight walk

February is a favorite month of mine. Yes, it is usually bitter cold but the days are filled with bright blue skies and the nights full of stars. You can feel the days getting longer and know that Spring is just around the corner.

Well, February in the Northeast has been anything but typical. Only one major snowstorm, and that melted quickly. The temperature has been as high as 70 one day and it feels like Spring is here. So I decided that with a warm evening in the 50's and a bright moon (not quite a full moon) we all would go for a walk. The boys - Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty have had real cabin fever so as soon as I said "Who wants to go for a walk?" they all ran to the door. Gunnarr was first in line to get his harness, and even little Fionn, who sometimes tries to hide at these times, was right there for his harness as well. Shorty tries to be cooperative and lies down! So I was able to slip his on while he was reclining.

Off we went to the local school. There are lights in the parking lot and it is on a street that is not busy. And the special bonus, the asphalt will help trim Shorty's nails! You could sense the excitement in the car. All three looking out the window excited for an evening romp. And the moonlight was simply beautiful.

We had a great time, no wet pavement to get white paws dirty (and hence no need for a bath after a walk), minimal traffic and I also had a light as bright as the moon for those dark corners.  My goal was to walk them until they were tired and would get a good night sleep. Maybe it is me who needs that good night sleep.

So while our February is uncharacteristically warm, we have enjoyed the evenings with time on the porch to enjoy some fresh air. A nor'easter is reported to be arriving in a day or two, not sure if it will bring rain or snow with the heavy winds, but at least we have gotten a bit of exercise before being confined indoors. Whatever happens we are ready. March will entre as a lamb but will soon become a lion!

Here are a few pictures of my boys.

Fionnegan and Gunnarr cuddle after the walk. Good idea. Need some rest to recharge those batteries after the run around the school!

Here is Shorty on the porch with Fionn behind him. My observation is that the dogs are developing a close bond. They interact more and more - not just the wresting but also look for each other when they are outside. 

Gunnarr and Shorty seem particularly close, and Gunnarr often watches for Shorty at the door. Shorty goes outside often and likes to sit on a porch and watch the neighbors and anything else that may be happening. Fionn seems to be content staying inside with me.