Saturday, June 25, 2016

06.25.16 update on green boat men

Returned to Yap to visit the refugees. Seven Nepalese returned to Nepal on tonight's flight (if there were no clitches). IOM helped them with papers and documents so  they could return. Three other Nepalese men have been provide asylum/refugee status, however they are still on the dock. No man from India has been offered refugee status and to date, none are returning to India.

The men receive food and basic supplies, some from the national office, IOM, local generosity and donations from a group in Guam. There have been no more nursing visits, although the men said they were all well. I suspect they need counseling and emotional support which they had once from Behavioral Health and Wellness, but they are not visiting there anymore. I visited almost every day, save for days with very heavy and frequent rains. The men spend most of the time doing idle things, they are not allowed off the dock and visitors are still banned. Father John is off island but they are hopeful that when he returns he will resume visits. They were brought some supplies and food to supplement their diet with some fresh vegetables.

Here is a picture of the men.

This is Hope. Son of their other dog Ali. The first Hope died.

As soon as I get a chance I will post more about the trip. It was Homecoming in Yap, a celebration of 50 years of the Peace Corps in Micronesia. It was a great trip visiting friends and colleagues. Lots of pictures, there were men's and women's dances and lots of time with Shorty and Buddy, too!

We walked along the stone pathway  a few times. Always a beautiful walk.

Shorty is resting - it is hot, hot, hot.