Monday, April 24, 2017

04.24.17 Shorty joins our household

Well, it has been an immediate change in the dynamics of our household, but I am still the alpha dog!  After many barks and snarls and even several bona fide attacks, it is now peaceful. Shorty has found his place and for the most part Fionnegan and Gunnar stay away from him. We spent most of yesterday socializing the dogs and they do run in the yard, but separately. Shorty stays close to me, and he looks very, very happy. We all went for a walk this afternoon and did three laps around the field - all on a leash and walking together. They were exhausted and after dinner they all crashed. Good!

Here we are on our first group walk. All three made it to the park and all made it home. Not a trivial matter as I opened the door for Fionn to get out (he wants to be carried as he had been shocked once in the past) and Shorty bolted without his leash. Now the door will not open unless all dogs have a leash attached! Shorty had been eyeing the neighbors yesterday and even whined a little as he looked longingly through the fence. So that is where he went and fortunately the neighbor helped me hook him with his leash. Initially I put Shorty in the cargo area of the car, but he jumped into the back seat with Gunnarr and Fionn promptly jumped to the front. The Boys.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

04/20/17 Shorty arrived to day in Boston

Yes, he is here sleeping in my study!  After a bit of a challenge in Chicago - he was found to have his wire leash wrapped around his neck and torso and was resisting help, Shorty made it on a later flight to Boston.

It was great to see him and since then I must have received dozens of dozens puppy kisses. He was a little reluctant to put on his new collar (his old one was removed) but we managed and how he is even wearing his harness.

He was really good in the car - sat upright in the back seat and watched through the window. Bit when he saw Fionnegan and Gunnarr - well let's just say it was not the welcome I had hoped. Fionn and Gunnarr barked aggressively at him and Shorty hid in a corner. When they came at him, Shorty barred his teeth. This is going to be interesting. I am convinced that in the end it will all work out. I had them outside to run and play and empty out. Fionn and Gunnarr kep to themselves but Shorty did come inside when called. They all had a special lunch of chicken and rice and carrots and dog food and one thing Fionn and Gunnarr will learn - do not eat out of Shorty's bowl!

After lunch they went outside for a little while for independent play and  now all three are fast asleep in their own corners.

It is so good to have Shorty home. He still remembers some commands and he listens to me. The neighbor Colin came over to see him and they really have a very good visit. Shorty took to him very easily so Colin will help me by letting them out after school.

Here are a couple of pictures of Shorty on his ride home and in the boys bed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017 One more day

Received the update from Petra at the Animal Medical Center Petlodge in Guam - Shorty is on the plane and en route to Honolulu.
He did well on his vacation/quarantine in Guam. They treated him well and said he was a good and happy dog. That's my boy!  Now I had to scurry and get him a dog bed, a chew toy, and a big bone. And of course, his own bowls. He arrives in Boston via Chicago tomorrow morning. A long ride for one little dog all by himself!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

04/05/17 Exciting update!

Guess who is moving to Boston?

Need a clue?

He is short.

Has reddish brown hair.

A gorgeous smile.

Gives kisses upon request.




Has four paws.

And a beautiful wagging tail.

Yes, It is Shorty.

 Shorty is packed and ready to travel!

Long story short, Connie and Daniel could no longer take care of Shorty. Their landlord did not want him around the apartment complex. And Shorty's daily travels took him to their place at night for supper and YCA during the day as well as the park. It would be impossible for Shorty to not stay there - they were his new family.  So when Connie shared with me the news, I went into high gear and made the arrangements for Shorty to come here. It was not easy - lots of hoops and changing goal posts, so to speak. And many phone calls and emails. But all worth it.

In the end, it all worked out. Heidi and her family took him in on a temporary basis and were very helpful in getting him in his kennel and to the airport. Amos took him for that 1 AM flight to Guam. Then Dr. Ken, a vet in Guam, picked him up and he will stay there for two weeks in quarantine. They told me he was being a good dog and that the staff loves him! What a relief. I really needed to hear that. In two weeks, he will be on another flight to Boston and join Fionnegan and Gunnarr and me.

Here are some cute pictures of the kids and Shorty. I think they will miss him. Reina in particular really liked him and would play with him in my office.