Sunday, April 24, 2016

04.24.16 Spring

We had a beautiful weekend. The weather was great. Fionnegan and Gunnarr and I went on a couple of long walks and they did great. Am working hard on training them so that maybe someday they can serve as the pets who visit hospitals and nursing homes. They listen to commands and generally very good. Later I did a lot of yeard work, pulling weeds and cutting down small trees and large dead limbs. I am tired! And a little sore.

Am waiting for some more information about the refugees. There may be something to report within the next month, but nothing right at this moment.

Fionn and Gunnarr are winding down at the end of the weekend of hard work staying awake to watch me work. They are in my study and watching me work. Sometimes they want to sit on my lap and they look at the computer. Other times they watch TV. looking for the dogs. They especially like Dreyfus on Empty Nest, so I have to find the show for them. But usually they curl up and go to sleep.

Fionnegan likes to carry his bones with him. He even runs back to his pen to pick one up to take outside.

Gunnarr is really happy. He just had his hair brushed and had turkey for dinner and a bone. What a life!

Fionn watches his bone carefully so Gunnarr does not snitch it. Fionn was beat and looking forward to a snooze.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

04.17.16 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Spring!

It was a beautiful day yesterday and promises to be one today. Saturday is filled with chores and we took advantage of the warm Spring weather. My two dogs Fionnegan and Gunnarr are my most loyal companions and they do get worn out on the weekends. They follow me from room to room as I clean up and water the plants, then we have a trip to the recycling station then more errands. We stopped at the bank and they allow dogs to come in - so more new explorations. They are well behaved and were given a treat by the bank manager when we were done. There was also another dog there and so they had a play date. Normally they would be asleep by now, but I had other plans - running!

So we went to the park and ran several times around the baseball field at the edge of the outfield to make sure we all got our exercise. They love it. And so do I. We run and chase after a ball if we find one, then we run through the woods to the next set of baseball fields. Yesterday we watched the little kids playing baseball and the dogs loved it. They sat and watched the kids, and of course they were petted by a few people, then we ran back to the car. Now they are exhausted, but refuse to succumb. I had yard work to do and they went back and forth watching me carry old dead plants and tree branches to the woods. They refuse to miss anything! I have no doubt they are delighted when the weekend is over and I go back to work on Monday so they can sleep!

Now they were really tuckered out! They kept falling asleep as soon as I slowed down in the house. So I left them when I went to Church and they sat by the door and watched for me the whole time. Needless to say, they slept soundly through the night. YES! And they are still sleeping by my side as I work this morning. Little do they know another run or long walk is in our future for today!

Little pretty bird is still at the window - the tufted titmouse who looks at herself in the window. She also looks at her reflection in the side view mirror of the car - and pecks at it! The neighbor told me she also goes to their house and looks at herself in their car window. She obviously finds the image of a bird fascinating. NPR just had a special on the intelligence of birds - I wonder what they would say about this bird behavior!

As an update, there is nothing new to report on the refugees. Sorry to say. Will keep checking until I return to visit them.

Here are a couple of pictures of Fionnegan and Gunnarr.

Fionn always keeps one eye on me. He never misses a trick. Or treat!
All tucked in and sleeping with a soulful Bruce Springsteen playing in the background.

Gunnarr says he also keeps on eye on me while Fionne sleeps. Ever by my side, Gunnarr is a faithful as a dog can be. Even when we run, he is always right next to me, so I must be careful not to sidestep on him. What darlings they are.

Fionnegan, sound asleep after a long, exciting and active day.

Fionnegan, just making sure I am not going anywhere!

Gunnarr could not be more relaxed.

Monday, April 4, 2016

04.04.16 April snows again....

.... It's supposed to be April showers but again it is April snows. For my friends in the warmer climates, this is not unusual but we have had such nice weather that a cold day of snow makes it feel like we are back in winter.
We had over three inches of snow - enough for the roads and my driveway to be plowed. I had put away the snow boots but left the shovels outside. After work the car was covered in ice and snow and I had lost the wind shield scraper. That is why we have gloves - good to wipe the windows.
Fionnegan and Gunnarr love the snow. It is light and fluffy and all they do is run and chase each other and then jump and wrestle. They both tunnel their noses into the snow and sort of plow it forward. Then they look up with these black eyes and a snow covered head. I let them stay out and play until they both were exhausted as they were having so much fun. And they were having such good exercise. They are trained to wait by the door when they come inside and get the paws dried - and tonight since they look like snow bunnies, they get wrapped in a warm towel and carried into the kitchen. They thawed while I did dishes, and now they are napping. Such  a good life.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

04.03.16 April snows! and a new visitor!

A beautiful site this morning after some howling winds last night. We awoke to just about one inch of snow that covered the ground - but it has been too warm and the roads are warm enough to melt it. Perfect snow! The wispier shrubs were bent - the dog woods and the willow, but a light tap with a broom that shakes off the snow allowed the branches to upright without breaking.

Fionnegan and Gunnarr loved the snow and accumulated more snow balls in their hair. They never seem to mind too much and run and play under the bending willow branches. Then they get to warm up and dry off in the kitchen with a treat. Both Fionn and Gunnarr will "give me your paw" on command - it took Fionn about one week and Gunnarr about one year to learn that.

My friend Daniel told me he gave Shorty some fried chicken on his birthday, so Shorty is well treated. And there has been no change for the refugees. Some that have been given refugee status are still on the dock. That is the latest update I have from this morning.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

There is a new little friend at my house. For the last several days this female tufted titmouse has been looking at herself in the reflection of the window and keeps trying to get inside. She flies up on the branch of the shrub then flies on the window (which is slanted) then goes back to the branch. She sings on the branch, then tries this again and again. She is there early in the morning and stays until dusk. So I put a makeshift feeder close by for her so she doesn't get worn out. I have seen her with some seeds but it looks like a little chipmunk, light enough to climb a shrub, also helps himself to most of the seeds.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same things again and again and expecting a different outcome. This poor little bird qualifies.

She is lovely and does look right at me through the window. She has a beautiful call and I like to lsiten to her. She does not appear to be in distress, just rather curious and determined. Here are a few pictures through the glass window.

And the snow! Beautiful especially when  you don't have to shovel! All of the branches are bent low and touching the ground. The tunnels are great fun for Fionn and Gunnarr who love to run and jump and play.

They are both still wearing their Easter ribbons. Fionn has a purple bow and Gunnarr (in the front) has the turquoise ribbon.



This is scarier looking than it is. They both snarl and jump and woof when playing. They have also learned how to "run your motor" "grrrrrrrrrrrrr", something I have encouraged rather than barking. They like to bark at the beautiful golden lab (?) from across the road because they want to play with her. But she was  trained to stay in her yard and I try my hardest to train them not to bark at her. She is so good she just sits there as her owner does yard work. Fionn and Gunnarr on the other hand dig deep holes to China while I am working. O, those pups.

A variegated willow shrub, now about 20 feet tall.

Shake off the snow and time to come inside and get those snow balls warmed up and melted.

A beautiful day. One more storm on its way - hope the trees and plants do alright with these dramatic changes in weather.

On another Shorty note - at work the scientists like to learn about all of us - so we had a match the dog/pet with the owner contest. Yes, Fionn, Gunnarr, Shorty and Buddy were included!