Tuesday, December 31, 2019

12.31.19 HAPPY NEAR YEAR! And a rare treat - Blue birds at the feeders.

Another year come and nearly gone. Where does the time go? It seems like we were just preparing for Christmas and now it is time to move forward into the new year. 2020! A cool number.

We had a bit of wintry weather these last two days - sleet, hail, snow, thunder and lightning. Shoveled this morning just in case it freezes and it is hard to manage the driveway when it is a sheet of ice. The boys enjoyed the time outside - always chasing those elusive squirrels!

Once we finished the outside chores, which includes feeding the birds, the boys received a special treat and I was enjoying a nice cup of tea watching the bird feeders. All of a sudden there was a flash of blue - yes bluebirds mixed with the chickadees, titmouse, cardinals and juncos (one of my favorite winter birds). A pair of bluebirds stayed within view for quite a while. They were feeding at the suet feeder and perching on the fence. What a special treat for ending one year!

Here is the male perched on a branch of a nearby bush across the driveway. All of the pictures are taken through a storm door and inner door glass window. I thought if I went outside with the camera the birds would not come to the feeders. So the quality is what it is! But we can clearly see the pair. He is a handsome bird. I have seen bluebirds in early Spring in the yard, but never in the middle of winter.

Here is the female - a smart looking bird.                                 

Hope they stay warm if they are going to overwinter here. I will make certain to keep the suet feeders and other bird feeders supplied with food to help them stay fed. I also have a water bowl for them and must remember to thaw out the ice and snow and put in some warm water for them.

Here she is at the suet feeder. Clever girl.

Here is the pair at the suet feeder. They appear to like suet better than sunflower seed.

The pair on the fence. It is nice to see the pair together.

Hope seeing bluebirds  means it will be a short and mild winter!

Fionnegan decided he liked his bone after Gunnarr tried to take it from him.

Shorty is still wearing his sweater - he had a treat, is nice and cozy warm and ready for a nap!

May you all have a safe New Year's Eve if you are traveling and celebrating. 

And may you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year 2020.

My very best wishes always.

And may the blue bird bring you much happiness and joy!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019


May you and your family enjoy the blessings of this most beautiful season. Christmas is a special time of the year and I do enjoy the special moments of the season. Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year - I find it is calm and the tree lights relaxing. Midnight Mass is also very special and most everyone seems at peace. That is to say I wish there was peace and a peaceful feeling for everyone.

 From my family to yours, may you enjoy a beautiful and peaceful day.

Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

12.15.19 Winter Wonderland

We had three beautiful snowfalls this month - with over 15 inches at the house with the first two. I now have plenty of experience shoveling snow and really don't feel the need to do it again!

My Yapese dog Shorty loves the cold and snow. He runs out first making tracks for all of us. He even stayed outside with me almost the whole time I shoveled - a couple of hours at a time. What they seem to like best is to run under the tunnel made by the hemlock branches that dip down to the ground, heavy with snow. Fionnegan and Gunnarr also had fun but came in sooner as they accumulate "snow bunnies' on their paws. I didn't take many pictures of the snow in the backyard as I had plenty to do with all of the shoveling and keeping sweaters on the little ones.

Here is an example of a hemlock tunnel and a willow tunnel made from bows that are weighed down by the heavy snow on the branches.

Little Gunnarr, The four legged sweater kept slipping over his paws. But these sweaters did keep the bodies warm and snow free. For a while.

Fionnegan, looking through the window. I got the snow window in the door just in time for the storm.

Shorty loves the snow. He rolls around in it, sticks his nose in the snow banks and jumps all over to make new tracks. He enjoyed some time with me chasing him through the deep snow.

All three running and playing along a pathway.

Shorty and Fionnegan are spending more and more time together. Shorty has a bit of snow on his nose!

Gunnarr and Fionnegan are always close together, too.

And the four legged sweaters only stay in place for so long. A little running, jumping and rolling around in the snow and the sweaters are half off.

So the next time they went out, we added the puffer vests to keep the sweaters in place. It worked!

Even Shorty wore his puffer vest too!

Gunnarr picks up the scnet of something in the snow bank. They found a gopher one time.

It is time to go back inside - lots of snow bunnies on the paws. Put them inside with some warm towels to dry off those wet paws and tummies, Shorty and I finished the chores!

Then over the weekend it rained really hard, and washed a lot of the snow away.  Now I have a salamander in the basement with all of the water that came in through the bulkhead!  Always something to keep us busy and entertained!

Three tired and happy doggies!

Happiness is a way of life, not a destination. Enjoy the journey.