Saturday, October 31, 2015

10.31.15 Happy Halloween

Last year this time we had tropical storm Nuri and heavy rains and winds. This is the same weather front that became super typhoon Nuri and ended up dumping 7 feet of snow in Buffalo and is the strongest typhoon in the Bering Sea.

This week I traveled to Philadelphia, where we were experiencing the effects of super hurricane Patricia - the one that had winds in excess of 200 mph before it hit the coast of Mexico. We had a lot of rain and flight delays as it moved up the east coast of the US. I had given a presentation on betelnut use in Yap. While it is an old custom and part of the tradition, it also is an amphetamine, is addictive and causes a slight buzz when peole chew. It also is a known carcinogen and the spitting with it has risks of spreading TB and other infectuos respiratory diseases and many dental problems.

 This was an international conference and it was very educational to hear many of the talks on vectors. WHo ever thought that mosquitos could hear?

Here is the information presented at the ASTMH conference. Yes, just about everyone chews.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

10.25.15 Pats win again!

One of my favorite treats is to attend a New England Patriot footbsll game. We bear the New York Jets 30 to 23. Tough game and good to come out on top! Weather a bit cool and raining. Not used to this.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the NFL certainly has taken notice. The pink ribbon is made of breast cancer survivors and their caregivers.

Gillett Stadium, and final score.

There is now a drum corps at the games - they are really good 'and entertaining! After the game they played while the crowd emptied the stadium.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

10.18.15 update on green boat men

The officials from Pohnpei (capital of FSM), and I am presuming that they are from the migration office, visited Yap and the refugees last week. Long story short, they were not pleased with Yap officials allowing the men off the dock and so they have forbidden all visitors and contact with the men. That includes the priest and assistant Attorney General. They will be back next week. The religious leaders are planning a meeting to facilitate care of the men. Will keep the site updated as I learn more about the situation. No one right now can accurately predict their fate and how this matter will be managed.

For me, I am missing Yap and my friends and PH colleagues. And I miss my little Shorty very much. Friends send me updates about him and he is doing well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10.12.15 Blue skies and blue birds

It was a beautiful Columbus Day weekend. Monday was especially nice and warm and the skies were blue. Fionn Gunnarr and I went for a picnic and long walk along trails in the woods. It was simply lovely. There were very few people hiking or walking, which  made it all the more precious. Fionn and Gunnarr do well off leash most of the time, and they do bark at big dogs, but are a little timid whenever I left them loose and run with them. They did have quite a few long runs and were exhausted when we returned. This is the doggy version of boot camp, they need to lose a couple of pounds, so their diet is mostly dog food with healthy treats and lots and lots of exercise. We walk just about every day - the fresh crisp air and walk is good for all of us.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

10.10.15 Deer Island and CPYC

We had a nice afternoon walking and running errands. One of our favorite places to walk is Deer Island, which has magnificent views of the Boston Harbor and islands and sailboats. We have a trail that we walk every weekend with stops along the way. Yes, Fionnegan and Gunnarr are having a great time. After the walk we stopped at Cottage Park Yacht Club for lunch, but I am very sad to report they no longer allow dogs (even good ones) on the deck. So we enjoyed our last lunch and took a nap in the warm sun. Will find another place to enjoy, no problems. We can always take a picnic to Deer Island!

Here are a few pictures of Boston Harbor and Deer Island.

Fionn and Gunnarr in their old bed. They still fit when curled up together.

A beautiful farm outside of Boston.

Playing on the beach.


Lunch at CPYC.

Don't you think Shorty would enjoy this too?

Hard to get htem both to look at the camera at the same time!

The body of a little girl was found on the shore of Deer Island. Her name was Bella. This is a memorial to her.

Skyline of Boston and Logan airport in the foreground.

On the hilltop of Deer Island, wathing the planes landing.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

10.10.15 Football season

One of the things I missed was football. Yes, I am a season ticket holder and missed one of the best seasons in the history of the New England Patriots. Last year I  had no doubt they would win the Super Bowl - even before the season started. I missed every game - hence the prediction.
While I missed the firsthome game, I did make it to the home game against Jacksonville where we won 51 - 17. TB12 joined the 400 club in passing touchdowns - always great to see history. And Gastowski our kicker now leads the NFl in most consecutive extra points. A new record!

Here are a few pictures taken from my cell phone. You can just barely make out TB12 when the offense is on the field. Another picture has the defense on the field. It was exciting to be b ack in Foxborough!

End of the game. Always like to stay to the very last to take in the view and the feel of the game and just being there.

A grim reminder of the world we live in today - armed guards - real weapons, real bullets.