Sunday, August 31, 2014

08.30.14 Leaving Pohnpei

The early part of the day was spent in final preparations for the travel to Yap.
Here are a few departure pictures:
    Yvonne's Hotel. Everyone there was quite nice, helpful, and friendly. The hot showers were a treat.
This is BJ, a student and weekend waiter. Nice guy.                                                                       

This little guy was around all of the time. He slept in the lobby at night and would sit on my lap as I wrote the blog. He was not, however, declawed.

This is Kia's, a nice restuarnat, good and good service. Had quite a few meals there over the course of the week.
Then it was a continuation of United Flight 154, with island hopping again through the Pacific. Here are a few pictures of scenes at the international airport:

Isn't the little girl in the pink dress precious?
     The lady in the center has the most beautiful long hair, to the level of her knees.

The equivalent of a "No Smoking" are.

 The first stop was Chuuk. A nice island that I could only visit outside of the departure area.

Many WWII Japanese ships were sunk in Chuuk lagoon. The map give a description of the ship and the diving opportunities to visit the wrecks.                                                                                            

The next stop was Guam, a large and very modern airport. It serves as a hub to many locations in the region and Asia and Australia.  They had the same type of cows - a trend started in Chicago and made it's way around the world.
 cOutrigger canoe at Guam airport.
We arrived on the same plane as the Yapese dancers who just returned from shows in France. We were all met at the arrival area with a traditional greeting and flowers. Arrived at the EAS hotel at 10:45 PM, too late and too tired to explore.
This is Derrick and his cousin. He talked  quite a bit on the ride frm Guam to Yap. Cute little guy.



  Met at the airport with the traditional greeting of flowers.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Official swearing in ceremony.............aboard a yatch

On Friday. 08.29.14 at 4 PM local time, I was officially sworn in as a Peace Corps volunteer. Not only was that in itself very special, but the ceremony was held on the yatch Satisfaction II, a beautiful boat sailed here from Anapolis, Maryland by Ron, husband of Monica, the assistant CD who performed the ceremony.
As a member of the Cottage Park Yatch Club in Winthrop, the club burgee flew under the flag of the USA during the ceremony.

Here are a couple of pictures from the event:
Ron and Monica


Bernie, PCR assistant

Monica swearing me in as an official Peace Corps volunteer:
All in all a good day. Managed to have access to the internet for the parts of the day not in meetings. I usually start early - getting up around 4 AM and going to the lobby of the hotel for access to the internet between 4:30 and 5:00. They now anticipate that I will be here, so the owner (?) gets me coffee and yesterday donuts. Nice touch! I try to take a walk in the mornings or early evenings for exercise, and especially since I may not be back on Pohnpei, to see as much as possible. Yesterday I walked to the botanic gardens, a nice respite from the heat.

Here are a few pictures of the local scenery:

     Young man with interesting T-Shirt (taken and published with his permission):

         Breaskfast with a view:

Pretty flower:                                                                                        

             Japanese tank from WWII:

             Botanic gardens:

  Old colonial building:                                                                                                            

            Commuter traffic in Kolonia:

Views from Pohnpei Marina:

      House on hillside with water view - My type of living!

Who can resist a pink boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

                                           These bananas are hung on a tree across from the hotel for anyone to help themselves. It is not a banana tree!

Our favorite cat around the hotel. S/he is very friendly and likes to be petted.

            Bernie and I discussing the health related degrees from the College of Micronesia at the marina before the swearing in ceremony:

Main campus of the College of Micronesia, Pohnpei.          

Thursday, August 28, 2014

08.29.14 AM Pohnpei Marina

For all of my sailing friends, found the marina, where a few sailboats are moored. May be at the marina this afternoon, weather permitting.

Pohnpei marina with the CPYC burgee:
(I am behind the camera.)

On the way to the PC Pohnpei office each morning, there a couple of dogs that sleep under the car. A cool spot on otherwise hot days. Only one dog canbe seen in this picture. They both are usually sitting by the car when I am on my return trip to the hotel.

The day was generally spent in meetings, being briefed on essential information for a safe term in FSM. Also had the opportunity to meet with the country liaison at the WHO office for health related information that is avaialbe from exisiting surveys, etc.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

08.27.14 orientation continues

A day of meetings and language lessons. My goal is tobe able to communicate in Yapese by the end of the service. Gloria is my teacher, a high scholl teacher from Yap who now lives on Pohnpei. She teaches computer sciences in the high school.

Gloria teaching me the names of the body:

 My sometime "buddy" during the early morning hours when I am working on the computer in the early morning hours: (He does look pretty comfortable!)

Scenes of the main street of Kolonia, pretty flowers, and a dog (missing my Fionnegan and Gunnarr, so I talk to the dogs that live by the hotel!):

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So much water for two cats...........................

Quite a few old, partially submerged vessels in the harbor, as seen in the background of the picture. These are the only sailing craft I saw so far on Pohnpei. There may be a couple smaller ones closer to shore but not able to clearly see from this vantage point on Sokesh. After my water safety class for orientation, I am hoping for a trip to the coral ring. Am not permitted on a boat until then. And must wear by PFD at all times on the water, when the vessel is less than 45 feet. Was told yesterday travel to the outer islands is by a 25 boat with one engine. I will not lose my PDF!