Thursday, February 28, 2019

02.28.19 A beautiful snowfall

We'll take a break in the bird postings and enjoy the moment of this beautiful snow fall. The snow is light and fluffy and was easy to shovel - an important aspect for me! Yesterday we saw a blue bird sitting on a flower pot left outside, today we have snow. The one thing I really like about February is that you can see the birds begin to migrate north, you can hear the cardinal singing early in the morning, the days are getting longer, and when it is not snowing the skies are usually a beautiful blue. Even though it is still cold, February is one of my favorite months as I feel that it heralds Spring. They very well may be more snow and cold days, but you can feel Spring is just around the corner.

Here are some wintry pictures for you to enjoy.

A bench positioned to enjoy the gardens around the back of the house. Really have not taken advantage of that opportunity in the past. Maybe this year!

They love the snow. At least two out of three. Gunnarr has been back inside sooner than the others. It might be because he is always next to me or he just doesn't want to get his paws cold. But he never misses  a cavalry charge on squirrel patrol.

Serious running this morning with Shorty in the lead. Usually it is Fionnegan who is first, then Gunnarr, then Shorty. But those pesky squirrels are at the feeders and Shorty has a duty to protect the birds!

Gunnarr warming up after a fast run outside. Fionn was close behind him coming inside.

Once inside they all are towel dried and fluffed. The twins cuddle up on the couch and quickly fall asleep.

A special winter treat - the clivia bloomed this year. A gorgeous flower that is thoroughly enjoyed.

Until next time...…. I will work on more bird pictures from the Rio Grande Valley.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

02.27.19 Rio Grande Valley birding DeWind's Yard Part two

The woodpecker. What a beautiful bird with black and white feathers and red heads and golden fronts. I enjoyed watching these birds feed and climb trees and fly in their rhythmic flight pattern.

Here are several photographs of the birds.

Golden fronted woodpecker

Ladder back woodpecker.                                                                                                                       

Pat DeWind

One can never take too many pictures of the green jays!

A peaceful place to sit and contemplate and observe nature.

This ended our birding day at Salineno Wildlife Preserve and the special visit to DeWind's yard.  More birding photographs from the Rio Grande Valley soon.

02.27.19 Rio Grande Valley Birding - DeWind's Yard

One of the most exciting place to bird was at the feeders of the DeWind's Yard, Salineno Wildlife Preserve. We watched some gorgeous orioles and green jays, woodpeckers and a species favorite the titmouse.

This is a picture of Pat DeWind. The land is now a part of the Salineno Wildlife Preserve but they maintain an active feeding sire for the birds, which is enjoyed by many.

Here are several of my favorite birds and photographs.

We were greeted by several lesser goldfinches.

Curved bill thrasher with peanut butter treat.

Red winged blackbird. When I was in college I did my ornithology report on the behavior of this bird.

A green jay enjoying a peanut butter breakfast.

Altamira orioles. Magnificent colors.

One can never watch too many kiskadees! Beautiful bird with a lovely call.

And I could never tire of watching the green jays either.

Northern cardinal, male.

Although not as colorful as the male, the female Northern cardinal is still a magnificent bird to observe with her lovely orange bill. They have such a beautiful and distinctive call.

The much overlooked house sparrow. Common, yes, introduced yes, but he has lovely markings.

Audubon's oriole enjoying peanut butter.

A shy bird, the house wren. She was definitely overshadowed by the more colorful orioles and jays and cardinals.

Another very shy and hard to photograph burd, the black crested titmouse. They are found only in Texas in mesquite and oak-juniper scrub.

What can flush any bird away from the feeder or other area?

Cooper's Hawk. All of the birds flew from the area quickly when the alert was sounded that the hawk was near. Here it landed in a tree close to the feeding area.

We will continue with DeWind's Yard and the beautiful woodpeckers. They deserve their own page.