Monday, February 4, 2019

02.03.19 New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions again!!!

It never gets old. It never is routine. It is always expected that our New England Patriots will work hard to achieve the best possible (as we all should do!). It is along hard road for the players, coaches and families. The road requires discipline, commitment, skills, athleticism, maintaining physical and emotional health, hard physical work, studying, prayer, and a love of the game.

I am always amazed how much work it takes to get to the Super Bowl, it really is not an easy task. And the Patriots have been there 9 times in 18 years, won 6. So a very heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to one great and determined team. May there be more to come!

Here are some pictures downloaded from the internet:

Tom Brady with his daughter Vivian during the postgame celebrations. She is adorable. He is well, amazing.

It seems to always come down to an interception. Here is Stephon Gilmore intercepting a Goff pass intending for Brandin Cooks, a former Patriots player

Julian Edelman, having the game of his life, and he is the MVP. Well deserved. Well done.

TB12 and JE11 postgame.

Big plays on both sides of the ball. Jason McCourtey

Rob Gronkowski

Dont'a Hightower sacks the qb Jared Goff

 Took over three quarters of the game to score this touchdown. Sony Michele has had a great year and a great game.

Maybe this link will work to show the TD.

Bill Belichick and the traditional Gatorade bath in victory.

TB12, an amazing career and he is still going strong. 

So, once again, congratulations to the Super Bowl LIII Champions, the New England Patriots.

The boys loved the game, too. Fireworks in our town scared them but they were reassured it was a celebration of the football victory.  Of course, they said. We won!

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