Friday, June 30, 2017

06/29/17 A surprising find - the New England Quilt Museum

While taking care of some much delayed business in Lowell, MA, I decided to drive through town and take a look. After all of these years of living in the area, I had never been to downtown Lowell. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The beautiful old textile mills - red brick - were in great shape as were the cobblestone roads. There are many restaurants and apartments and interesting shops that line these old streets. What caught my eye was the quilt museum - and next to it was a parking space. For $1/hour parking fee, a deal hard to pass, I decided to visit the museum. I had wanted to visit the old textile museum but never had the chance.

The gift shop is downstairs and is well designed with lots of interesting merchandise that would make nice gifts for special friends. They had some beautiful quilts and quilting supplies for sale. There is a fee ($8)  to visit the museum  and it was well worth it. They had a wonderful display of old and new national prize winning quilts. The details of the quilting are very intricate. I was very impressed.

Here are a few photographs of the quilts that I hope you enjoy. Pictures do not always do justice to the subject, so if you are in the area of Lowell or have an interest in quilting or the "fiber arts" I highly suggest a visit. Then take some time to stroll the streets (I did) and enjoy a visit to a local café.

Beautiful - right? Hope you have a chance to view the display.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

06/18/17 Sunday morning bliss

First, a very Happy Father's Day to all Dad's out there.

Sunday morning is a special time for us. After I come home from Church, weather permitting, we go outside to just enjoy the fresh air. The boys like to keep an eye on the neighbors and chase squirrels and I like to put my feet up, have a cup of tea, and read a book or do a little crocheting. And always watching the birds and checking out my gardens.

Today while reading I saw a little house wren perch on the fence by me. The house wren is a special bird to me. When I was in college and studying ornithology, the first bird on the test on the field trip was a singing house wren. I think the professor was a bit frustrated by me, but it took all day for me to learn the call. The last question of the quiz was - yes - what bird is calling? You would have to be totally clueless not to answer "house wren"! And there she was, singing her little heart out right next to me.  I watched her fly to nearby shrubs and then to the huge bush on the side of the house. She hopped down the branched and entered - her birdhouse! I had forgotten all about it. I had hung a wren bird house in the bush (really bought it to hide the control box of the invisible fence but it was too small for the receiver). I thought only the chickadees were using it to crack the sunflower seeds, but no. She has a little nest. How cool is that!

You cannot see her, and I am not going to disturb her, but a momma house wren and her brood are in the bird box.

It was a beautiful morning. After the dogs chase everything, they all settle down in close proximity. Such good companions!

Our morning paradise. Not many mornings can I spend time outside like this, so we like to take every possible chance to enjoy the gardens and nature.

My sweet Gunnarr. He looks at me with such big smiles and adoration. When I talk to him he hangs on my every word. What a love.

Fionnegan is also sweet and loving and very much ornery. He had carried this bone around with him all morning, making sure Shorty saw it, then grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring at him.  Shorty is underneath and very aware of the bone. Fionn is very confident in his skills and probably figures he can outrun or outlast Shorty - or at least jump on Momma's lap!

Shorty has just simply blended into the pet family. He is one of the boys, they go just about everywhere together and at least in site of each other. He plays rough and tumbles with Fionn and Gunnarr and really looks to be very, very happy. Good boys. Here he is all tuckered out from running around the yard.

A few flowers from the garden.