Monday, February 21, 2022

02.21.2022 February - A favorite month

 February is a beautiful month.  It is one of my favorites.

"What?" you say - you like February? "Isn't it cold in New England in February?"

Yes, it is cold. Bitter cold sometimes, very bitter cold. Cold enough to freeze pipes. And then sometimes it is warm.

"And doesn't it snow in February?" Yes, it can snow 2 feet or more at a time. And then I have to shovel it, of course. But there is something very peaceful and romantic about shoveling the snow in a snowstorm late at night. No one else is outside and it is quiet. Very quiet. One can just move back and forth, scraping the shovel along the pavement, making designs in the driveway to make the shoveling a bit more interesting. I can entertain myself even when shoveling snow.

February also holds much promise. The skies are bright blue when it isn't snowing, the days can feel relatively warm and the snow begins to melt. Spring is in the air! The days are appreciably longer, we have morning and afternoon sunlight and the birds are returning. Yes, we now hear the songbirds chirping away in the early morning hours. During the last snowstorm a female goldfinch was feeding at the suet feeders. I wonder if she blew in on the warm tropical winds we had a day earlier. It was unseasonably warm and delightful, Then the temperature dropped dramatically, and it was bitter cold again. We now have a flock of bluebirds here and our little Carolina wren is back. Not to mention the pair of robins and our usual cardinals, juncos and bluejays and of course the pileated woodpeckers and mourning doves. Our feeders are quite busy. O yes, Spring is almost here. You can feel it. And even if it snows three feet, you know it will soon melt. So, yes, February is one of my favorite months.

Views of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA. There is a wonderful bike path hidden under the snow - a great place for a walk any time of year. There are gardens that are in full bloom in the summer as well as an inlet where you can watch the little painted turtles sit on the logs. The river is also quite busy with kayakers and canoers and college rowing teams.  It is quite the place - and the park is ready to begin the Spring renewal soon.


A flower box with icicles from the holly ivy.

The boys have had lots of fun outside - they do like to play in the snow. Here are Fionnegan nad Gunnarr with their nose pressed against the window, making sure I don't forget them outside.

Shorty loves the snow - a bit of a surprise for a dog from the tropical island of Yap. But he has grown a very thick winter coat so no doubt he is quite warm. He, too, seems to enjoy February. he is my constant companion when I am working outdoors. No doubt he is hoping for another escape through the gates to go visit Tuukka, the neighboring dog. But I now keep a watchful eye on him.

This is our lady goldfinch at the suet feeder in the midst of a snowstorm

She is sharing the feeders with the bluebirds.

Our resident Carolina wren. They build their nests in our yard - not very sturdy. The last one was close to the mailbox. Maybe they get better with experience. The one on the wreath of our door was missing a back wall. Thank heavens the wreath rested on the door as did the nest!

She is a gorgeous little bird, males and females have the same markings. I'll be these small birds also have spring fever!

Fionnegan and Gunnarr. 

Look at those big canine teeth. He is just calling to Tuukka. And Tuukka is answering him.

He loves the snow. He rolls in it, sniffs it and eats snow. He also tracks the mice or voles that hide in the snow. I do believe he has a great time.

Even the pups get Spring fever and were having a great time in the snow and sunshine. A perfect February day!

Lined up for a group picture, they were really more interested in running and playing. And looking for Tuukka. Sometimes I just shovel just enough so we can get out the door!

They run and play and chase each other and jump on each other and just have one great time.  To be without a care in the world! Gunnarr loves to be chased and Fionnegan loves to bark to chase after him and Shorty just jumps into the fun. Good boys, all of them.

Yes, Spring is almost here. We can feel it in the air! And that is why February is so special.

I hope you all are well and preparing for the beginning of Spring. 

Until next time.....................