Monday, May 10, 2021


 May all of the Mom's have a special day today. We are having a fun day enjoying the outdoors and the gardens. Doing a few much needed chores - such as painting the back deck - but do enjoy the quiet and the feeling of accomplishment when the painting is done. Yes, I left the boys on the other side of the gate to paint - much to their dismay. But they patiently waited at the door for me to return.

A few flowers form my gardens. They look absolutely lovely, and I especially enjoy the mounds of johnny-jump-ups (violets) that are wild flowers and spring up all over the front gardens. The azaleas are gorgeous and the late blooming daffodils are still brilliant. 

And yes, I finally had a chance to go for a bicycle ride! It was an early morning ride along a bike trail close to the house. I did feel a wee bit guilty leaving the boys at home, but no too guilty. I enjoyed the fresh air and the exercise and hope to do this on a regular basis. After 20 years in the tool shed and a new tune-up, the bike did very well indeed!

This is my side garden in a full Spring bloom. It is so enjoyable to see the lovely pink dogwood and shrubs in bloom. Spring is truly my favorite season.

Where's my Momma? cries Gunnarr while Fionnegan and Shorty wait patiently at the door. I am painting the back deck so I had to keep them away. Not only did I not want paw prints on the deck, but I did not want to clean paint from their paws! As it turned out, dirty paw prints were on the deck later in the afternoon. They wasted no time.

We are always watching you Momma, especially on our Momma Bear's special day.

White "violets"!

I hope you enjoy the photographs of some of my garden flowers. I hope they bring a little joy to your life and a smile to your lips. And I hope that you all are safe and well. 

Happy Mother's Day!