Sunday, August 7, 2022

08.07.2022. Summer, Gardens, Sailing, my boys, and the locals

What we really could use now is a nice, long and steady rain. Not only is it hot and humid, but the earth is parched, and the gardens are dry and some of the well established plants are struggling. Fortunately I did not plant many new shrubs or flowers. We had a sprinkle of rain yesterday, not even enough to call the dogs inside the house. 

We are seeing the last of the daylily blooms. This one is delicately colored but quite large.

The last tiger lily bloom.

Stella d'ora reblooms.

The star gazer lilies survived the bunnies!

We have quite a few little grasshoppers that seem to like the daylilies.

We have a resident Mr. Toad to add to our menagerie of animals around the house. He stays on the kitchen porch, quite often just under the kitchen door step. He also sleeps in the flower pot that contains a large rosemary plant. On occasion he has been "watered" before I notice him half buried in the soil! He doesn't really seem to mind. But I have to teach the boys "no touch" as they are very curious about him. Fionnegan in particular keeps a close eye on him. While Gunnarr and Shorty will ignore Mr Toad after a minute or two, Fionn will recline on the porch and just watch him.

And I have mentioned the bunnies. They are voracious eaters and have enjoyed all of my black eyed Susan's and daisies. Last night we watched one on the other side of the fence nibbling away at the leaves on a low branch of an azalea. The dogs were all excited and barked but settled down on command. Leave the bunny alone, I tell them repeatedly. Leave the bunny alone. So Fionn and Gunnarr just sat in the driveway laser focused on him as he happily nibbled  his dinner.

We have planted flowers to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. We do have all three is the gardens and it is especially enjoyable to watch the hummingbirds. No good pictures yet, but here are some of the bees and black swallowtail butterfly. Maybe the butterfly is just as happy on the grass!

Happy bees.

The boys are staying cool with ice cream and watermelon treats.

Nice, cold watermelon hits the spot.

We have one new visitor to our yard. There is a barn owl that has been here at night and in the very early morning hours. One night it was calling and woke me up. I had never heard of such a call and thought it was the snoring of one of  the boys. An online search brought me right to the bird. One night it perched on a tree along the driveway. So I was able to get a good look at it and watch it fly from one tree to another. Fortunately it did not bother Fionn or Gunnarr as they were just outside for their late night excursions.

And yes, my girl Mimi has stretched her sails and had some nice adventures in Boston Harbor. Here she is on her morning. It is also enjoyable to just sit on the deck and watch the sun set. I now have an electric motor for her. It does make it easier to get to the mooring. 

We also have early morning walks when we can. I was trying to get Gunnarr to look at the camera, promises of treats and kisses didn't work. So I asked them if they wanted to go for a walk. That got their attention, so we did. After the photography session, of course!

. So off we went, walking in the cool of the forest.  They love the walks. And it is refreshing. And they love the cool of the car air conditioning when we are done!

How have you all been? Are you surviving the heat? What do you do to stay cool? 

Stay cool.

Until next time........................



Sunday, July 24, 2022

07.24.2022 Summertime Gardens

 Summer gardens are in full bloom and the variety of lilies makes the view really special. The beebalm (bergamot) has spread along the garden down the driveway and it is really a pretty site.

It is very hot and humid, just like when Shorty and I lived in Yap. It hasn't rained in a long time and the gardens do look a little sad and dry. And let's not forget the bunnies that ate all of my daisies, black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers. And then there are the trampled paths from my boys chasing the bunnies and froggies. I have not watered the gardens as we have a well and I do not want to risk depleting my only water supply. So brown plant leaves it is! But the lilies still bloom and I do enjoy them very much.

We still go for our early Sunday morning walks. The dogs love the walks through the woods. You should see how excited they get when the sense we are going for a walk. This morning as I was changing my shirt Gunnarr sensed that we were walking so he lets out one excited bark. Then Fionnegan comes running into the room all excited and jumping up and down only to be followed by Shorty. Three excited dogs, how could I not take them on a walk?

Last week we watched two trees crash to the ground just behind us (see Shorty's blog, We went back to see if the trail was cleared and the two trees were cleared but a third tree had fallen in the exact same place. I could actually walk under it so there was no obstruction to our path. We took a different route home, partly along the road and I don't think we will do that again.  I have to keep them on a very short leash and there is no time for sniffing or marking, so probably not much fun for them. There is a sidewalk that we can follow once we got that far, but it wasn't shaded, so we all were hot by the time we finished. Good thing we made an early start. I do keep water and a bowl in the car and Fionn wasn't much for sharing! He drank almost the whole bowl and then reclined right next to it. Fortunately for Shorty and Gunnarr it is a two minute drive to home and lots of cool water. After a cook-out (we ate inside) they all took a much needed nap.

Here are a few photographs of the lilies. Hope you enjoy them. The colors range from white, yellow, orange, pinks, apricot, purple and reds. They are early bloomers and late bloomers. With luck, there were still be a few lilies blooming for another two weeks. 

This stargazer lily is very fragrant. I planted a few in flowerpots as the gophers like to eat the bulbs. As it turns out, the bunnies like to eat the stems. They are close to the doors so we can also enjoy the fragrance inside the house.

The white lilies were very prolific, and also spread to new areas of the garden.

Pretty pink lilies, one of my favorites.

The ruffled edges make this one very attractive lily.

The pistils remind me of ballerina slippers!

Grasshoppers seem to like the lilies, too!

A little speckled but the deep purple is still beautiful. 

The bees and the hummingbirds have been buzzy around the gardens all summer.

Maybe that is enough of flower pictures for now. It took a long time to restore the blog. Somehow it went missing and I thought I lost all of my Yap blogs from 2014 - 2016. Then all of a sudden, after about an hour of clicking and searching, it retuned!

I do hope you all are well and not too hot and uncomfortable.  Until next time......

Three happy doggies - Fionnegan, Shorty and Gunnarr.