Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12.31.14 New Year's Eve Celebrations

It was really a fun night. After my usual walk around the lagoon and a few work details I headed out to celebrate. Went to Mnuw for pizza and a galss of white wine. There were a lot of  people there as we all waited for the count down. Every seemed to be in good spirits, there was live music and dancing. Fireworks are illegal in Yap, so there were only a few shot across the bay. What fun to see the streaks of light in the night.

Cheers! Happy New Yearr!

Three guys from Maap - James, Felix, Alvin. They were sitting next tomy table, so I teased them abouot coming to the big city of Colonia to celebrate.

Alvin. Note hat, basket, betel nut.

Felix, Both Felix and James had very styled hair. Felix talked a lot - school, teachers, and attitude about the dress of the  outer islanders. It is not often that people will voice opinions, but they obviously exist.

The musicians. The man on the right was a good natured singer.

Dancing on the deck.


Did not catch 00:00:00 - came up as a blank screen.

Not exactly like the fireworks over Boston Harbor, but we did have them on our screen!

When I was there the place seemed packed. Now I look and see that perhaps it  will look like a lot of people were there. But there were many, many more than any other night I have been there.

Angie R. and her cousin. This is the Angie that adopted Riyuul and Chaddy.

Ater this I went to O'Keefe's  to see another person from PH - Melissa. There was also a fight in the street - two men - one hit  many times and the police  on the scene. Typical for any  event with alcohol anywhere. Two women on the street said they don't drink and drive, were amused at the stupidity of the men, and offered me concern to be careful of the drunks. Then I went home, in the warmth of the night air of Yap, complete with stars in the sky.

12.31.14 Hapy New Year

As 2014 ends, we may find that we are reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future. May 2015 bring you all Peace, Happiness, Prosperity, and good Health. What else is there?

Happy New Year.


Reflection of lights in the lagoon (Chamorro Bay).

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12.30.14 4th puppy placed

We are back at work but somehow it does not feel as if it work as usual. There are few patients in the OPD, few people in the hospital, and I suspect the doctors should prepare for the post-holiday rush.

Martina, otherwise known as the first lady, wears a holiday wreath that had fallen from the ceiling and I put around the water tank. She is the co-ordinator of the immunization program. She also has a new tint for the holidays.

Could you have a serious conversation with Martina as she was wearing  her garland? They were deep in a most serious discussion.

Naty, the co-ordinator of Maternal Child Health. She is a midwife.

As I passed the Guang Mao, a female dog was barking at me and barring her teeth. She has never done that as I pass her every morning. So I said - where is your puppy? And sure enough, this is her puppy that she was protecting from people. He was crying. He looks as if he is related to my Shorty.

He is cute, but not  in my home placement program - at least not yet.

This family lives along the lagoon.. The little boy always say "bye" but is too shy to shake my hand. Today he asked to shake hands, so I snagged a picture, too.  They are related to Melissa, who works in Public Health.

Tuesday is Cute Baby Day, only a few here for immunizations. Love the wool hat!

Bethany is the granddaughter of Denitha, who runs the school health program and is involved in child development. Bethany got a new bicycle for Christmas. And her immunizations.

She liked the cards - birds, flowers, dogs and the fish on my door.

This is Agnes  with her new puppy. You're welcome. We met up while walking and I spotted this little one running from the house where the former high school principle lives. So of course I have to look at him. His wife came over and told us that someone came by and essentially abandoned the dog. And she couldn't keep the puupy because she has two, and one is mean and was trying to eat the puppy. Hence, he was running. He had curled up and was sleeping and I asked her if she was going to feed him, she said no. Then I said that the puppy wouldn't survive because it was separated from the mother dog, and couldn't she feed him "over here"? Then I said I would take him but I am not allowed. So I turned to Agnes andsaid - you don't have a dog. Now she does! She was a little hesitant, but I offered treats (they work on people too, not just dogs) and that I'd carry him home for her. Soshe carried my purse and I carried the puppy. About two minutes later she said, I'd really like to carry him! And that is all there is to tell. They have bonded! Puppy kisses and all.

Agnes and her new puppy - to be named. He is in good shape - a healthy little one.

It is getting that time when I too should take my break. Good night!

Monday, December 29, 2014

12.29.14 Thank you.................................

Today was the first time in over a week that we had mail. Thank you all so very much for your cards, letters and warm wishes and treats. Someone asked if I missed the snow..................  well, maybe for Christmas. However, it does not feel like Christmas or New Year's with warm weather. And it really does not feel like the football playoffs. Good to see the Patriots have home field advantage. May it snow for them as they do better in the cold wintry weather. Home field advantage.

The cards will be taped to my wall and door. The staff like to look at the pictures and I am sure they will like the winter scenes.

Have made some clips of  the dances from yesterday and hope they upload without problems. It was work as usual today, with one visit to the green boat people. Heidi had some chicken and vegetables and rice from a church lunch held yesterday, so we took it there as Iam still on the allowed list. As it turns out, there are also  two men from Indonesia and Heidi lived there for several years. She talked to them in their local language and they were thrilled. Plus we took the four children, and they seemed so happy to see children. Kids can brighten even the darkest moments. As well as puppies. Shorty is my last pup and he runs, RUNS, when he sees me with his tail wagging. He likes to play, not just eat treats, so he is a lot of fun for me. The fact that Daniel also feeds him has helped him become healthy and strong. And not always begging for food. Riyuul, Chaddy, and my little Bandit also had a nice holiday.

Here are some clips.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

12.28.14 An afternoon like none other

The start to the day was a bit fractures. First I was up at 1:00 so I did emails, "read" the paper and did a few work related things. Finally I was able to fall asleep but with an incredibly intense dream from which I could not awaken. My morning then was off to a really late start and I had no spare time as I planned on doing some work related to our betel nut survey. My friend Agnes stopped over and bless her heart offered to survey some people. Yes. I would like about 500 completed, as of today I  have 223 submitted and entered into the database.

But I had plans for the afternoon that turned into such a special experience. All of the youth choirs got together and performed a holiday special program. It was rich in culture, singing, dancing, and celebrating a good life and Christmas. Regardless of religious preference, there was a lesson for all of us to be better people. It was to start at 3, and the singing on stage did start about 3:30, with the performances commencing around 4. Yapese time. But I had a front row seat and have many pictures and videos. I will need a little time to edit the videos into clips that can be uploaded, so please give me a some time for that. This will be my evening project when I get weary of working on data and preparedness plans and protocols.

The energy of the students was palpable, the teachers also participated, and it was obvious a lot of work went into the production. I like to watch everyone get ready, so these first pictures are "behind" the scenes and then the first number and a skit.

The stage.

Soon the kids would be wearing Santa hats with the flower garlands on top, A mixture of the cultures. It works.

Tinsel garlands are a big hit here for the holidays. Makes sense as wearing the flowering nu-nu is a mainstay of the culture.

Maybe he is her little brother. She was very kind and gentle with him.

Singing before the performance started.

He is 5. By the time the show ended (almost 7 PM), he was my new photography assistant. Initially he liked to have his picture taken, then he was looking at the images through the view finder in the back of the camera, then I just let him hold it and click the button. He took pictures of all kinds of things - chairs, the floor, his friends, and sometimes the dancers. :)

Music entertained the crowd while we waited for the dancers.

Go this way. Getting the dancers ready for the performance.

It had been raining hard all day and the roof of the community center leaked in several places. This man is mopping up the wet areas on the concrete floor.

A prayer was offered before the dancers performed.

He is a minister  from Fiji. He was like the master of ceremonies.

The dancing was very vigorouos. They must have been exhausted by the end of the program.

This young man talks to me often. I  usually see him during my evening walks as I cross the bridge. He is a really nice person.

The teacher, I believe.

This lesson behind this skit was to show us that we may not be perfect, and that there are changes that can be made to help. One man is wearing his shoes on his hands, the girl is wearing her sunglasses upside down, one man has his coat on inside out and backwards, and the other is a man who dresses as a woman. That one reflects the cultural attitudes - "you are a man not a girl" he was told. That may not go  down well at home, but it is an honest appraisal of their beliefs. These young adults were very good - they must have practiced hours and hours for  this show. Many are also very talented, especially this girl in white with the upside down sunglasses. She sings, she dances, she has a great smile (remember her from the Santa event?), and she is simply beautiful.

This wig was well used during the program!


Yes, the man in the middle is from Illinois. He may be a teacher here now.