Monday, May 30, 2016

05.30.16 Spring gardens

Spring is my favorite season. I enjoy the newness and freshness and especially enjoy flowering gardens. During my year in Yap, I tried not to miss my gardens too much. This year I am now totally enjoying the flowers and blooming trees and shrubs. Once again, I make my "donations" to the local garden shops, then don on my yardwork clothes and get busy planting, pulling weeds, fertilizing and cutting back branches and dead limbs. I pretty much enjoy all of this except the weeding. Just like  housework, I wish that once you do it, you won't have to repeat the same process again and again. If only I could teach Fionnegan and Gunnarr how to pull weeds! Two summers ago I let them dig a hole  in one particular place in a new flower bed, then I would insert a plant. Then I would encourage them to dig another hole, then I would insert another plant. They caught on rather quickly, maybe digging a hole is not so much fun when someone puts a plant there after all of that hard work!

Here are a few more pictures of the colorful flowers in my gardens and the nearby woods.

A lovely pink lady slipper. So beautiful and delicate.

Rhododendrons are some of my favorite blooms. They are just across the kitchen window, and I enjoy the view while I do dishes.

The iris is in a few beds and along the side of the road. Pretty flower.

There are peony buds in the background. They'll open in about one week.

The white Mountain Laurel is still in bud, but should open any day now. One of my all time favorites, especially the white flowering plants, but the pink ones are also very pretty.

This year I planted pansies everywhere in a variety of colors. I particularly like the richly colored purple and blue flowers.

My pink dogwood tree survived a huge pine tree falling on top of it this winter. She is in flower now and looking gorgeous.

A bit oddly shaped, wouldn't you agree?

Two of the happiest dogs I have ever seen, Fionnegan and Gunnarr are always ready for a road trip, errands, walk in the woods or a run in the park. Always at my side inside the house, too!

We digress from gardens to see Mimi, my sailboat that has been drydocked for two years. We are working on her keel and hope to have her in the water very soon.

A curious little raccoon on the dock.

Flowering crab apple.

Pink creeping phlox.

Cherry tree in bloom.  Waiting for my pear tree to bloom. Maybe yes? Maybe no? The apple tree has only bloomed twice in 20 years, and so far I don't really see buds, but will keep checking. Hope you enjoy the flowers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

05.11.16 A Beautiful Spring Day

It doesn't get much better than this. We had perfect weather and the trees and shrubs are all in bloom. I even have one tulip that has survived the various critters that prow around the house. We had dinner on the kitchen deck and afterwards did a little bird watching. Little Pretty Bird still looks at her image in the side view mirror of the car. We stayed outside until the mosquitoes starting biting all of us and we headed back inside for a quiet evening.



Gunnarr is always on watch. He sits while Fionn lies down.

Sitting on my lap. we watch the birds, including Little Pretty Bird, who still is fascinated with the mirrors and mirrored windows.

Not an easy shot with two dogs on my lap and the car behind a bush, we were able to spot Little Pretty Bird after hearing her beautiful song and then pecking on the side view mirror. She is a tufted titmouse, a really pretty and common bird.

Here are a few pretty garden flowers and a couple of bees on the flowers.



Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 8 2016 Happy Mother's Day

To all of the dear Mom's of the world, may you all have a beautiful and joyful special day. Thank you for all that you do.

With warmest regards and best wishes always,

Dr. Rosemary, Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty

The best seats in the house - my lap and my bed!