Sunday, March 5, 2017

03/04/17 RIP my dear Buddy

Some very sad news this week. Buddy was killed by a car. Connie and Shorty saw it and both were shaken up by the accident.

Buddy was Shorty's best dog pal. He was a big, aggressive alpha dog and had many scars to prove it. When Shorty was a puppy, Buddy was very tough on him. He would chase Shorty and keep him from eating food and Shorty was afraid of him - he would lie on  his back in a very submissive position so that Buddy would not attack him. Then Buddy started hanging around with me - treats - of course, had something to do with that. But even before I started giving Buddy treats he started being very calm around me. He even let me tend to his injured and festering eye injury (see previous stories in my blog while in Yap). Then when Connie and Daniel started feeding Shorty on their porch, Buddy learned that he could get a meal too. I remember keeping them at arms length saying - "Buddy - don't eat Shorty's food". And" Shorty - don't annoy Buddy". 

Shorty was always trying to be friends with Buddy and eventually it worked. They both would walk home with me, most times Chocolate and Blondie joined us. Shorty always tried hard to run as fast as Buddy and it was fun to see these dogs take off down the road together. They did have fun. Buddy joined us for many events and walks. Since he big, people were afraid of him and he did not have the training that Shorty was getting. But he would sit for a treat, and sometimes give me a paw. He loved going to the park and would play, although he never quite caught on to "fetch".

After a while, Buddy was always with us. When I went back to visit, Buddy  would jump up and put those gangly legs and paws on my shoulders and give me lots and lots of kisses. And he stayed at the hotel with us, too.  He slept on my porch at night right next to Shorty.  We had our own time as I took him to lunch at Manta Ray and he was always included in treats and meals. 

I will miss the old beautiful dog, he was a great friend to Shorty and was always with him after I moved away. No doubt Connie and Daniel and Shorty must miss him very much as they fed him, too.

RIP Buddy. You were a great dog and pal.

There are more pictures of Buddy posted on Shorty's blog: