Sunday, April 25, 2021

04.25.2021 Spring Snows!

Spring is here and it is beautiful. Trees, shrubs and flowers are blooming. And it snowed! Yes, it snowed once last week covering all of my daffodils and hyacinths in bloom and it snowed once more this week as well!

But Spring snows do not last and before long the sun was bright and warm and a nice walk along the Charles River in Boston was just what the doctor ordered. The flowering trees are gorgeous, clusters of daffodils line the river edge, the ducks are mating, Canada geese are all over the park and even a pair of swans are swimming on the river. The crews are back rowing and even a few kayaks are in the water. Spring, it is a true feeling of renewal and a fresh start at life. I have often thought the new year should begin in Spring and not the dead of winter - but no one asked me!

Back to snow. It is interesting to observe the behavior of my three boys - Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty. While none of them willingly go outside when it rains, they were delighted to be outside when it snowed - even though they were just as wet as if it was raining. Go figure. So we spent a little time enjoying what we all hope to be the very last snowfall of the season.  Not much accumulation in my neck of the woods, but just enough to bury the daffodils and hyacinths. So I picked a bunch of flowers and now the kitchen has a sweet scent of the hyacinths. I love fresh flowers in the house as well as in the gardens.

Can you find the white daffodil?

Rescued from the cold! Now inside where they are truly enjoyed.

The gardens are now taking shape. Snow melted, warm days and cool nights encourage all flowers and weeds to grow. We are now spending all of our available time outside weeding, thinning overgrown areas, pruning shrubs, mulching beds, and preparing our flower pots for planting. The herbs are already potted and I am looking forward to using them in my future cooking adventures.

And, I decided it is time to get out the bicycle.  Yes, after being in the tool shed for almost 20 years, I thought I would like to ride again. Before sailing and the boys taking all of my free time, I biked many nights after work and every Sunday along the Charles River and the Lexington-Bedford Minuteman bike trail in good weather. Then life changes and we adjust. Bike trails for were dog walks. So when I saw this poor old rusted and tire flattened old buddy of mine, I put the bike in the car (with some difficulty) and took it to the repair shop. Just got it back this week and it does sparkle. And it felt great to ride again. Yes - "it is just like riding a bike" - is an appropriate saying for returning to an old adventure. In just one pedal stroke, I was back in form and loving it. So I will balance nice walks with the boys in the forest and then a bike ride along the bike trails and a sail on Sundays. Gardening will continue in the evenings as the days are getting longer. Yes, it is good to be busy especially as we are not getting any younger. And yes, I must also work in work, too!

I do hope you are able to enjoy Spring and that there is a feeling of hope here at home for a return to normalcy as best as we can. Globally there are still many obstacles to meet  before normalcy can return, and we all must work together to help each other everywhere. We are all one global community made up of many local communities. We will get through this with commitment and good will towards each other.

They rarely let me out of their site. While I am working in the gardens outside of their gate, Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty keep watch. My three happy boys.

Please stay well.. Until next time.........

Sunday, April 11, 2021

04.11.2021 A belated Happy Easter

 How did the day get away from me!  It was a beautiful Easter Sunday. First, went to Mass in the morning - many people were there. The Church was beautifully decorated with Spring flowers inside and outside. There was even Mass outside in the courtyard. It had a very fresh and renewal feeling. A good Easter Sunday start.

Then it was time with the boys. Ran around the yard with them and they do have Spring fever! They ran and chased each other and were smiling and exhausted when they finished. They stood on the deck panting with a bright glimmer in their eyes and a big smile on their faces.

Now, I had to write Shorty's blog ( Yes, he takes priority! Then there was no time for mine. I did prepare an Easter brunch for a few friends and we had a wonderful time. I am not a good cook, so I am always pleased when the meal is presentable and palatable! I even made a bunny cake - had that cake mold for 15 years and it was still in its original package! No time like the present. It leaned a little to the right, but otherwise stood as the table centerpiece until we ate him. I think the new stove with a proper functioning oven was the deciding factor to bake. He was even decorated with raison eyes and a nose, green grass to hide a few chocolate covered peanuts by his side. Maybe I'll bake another one in 15 years!

Here he the bunny fresh out of his mold - no frosting yet and standing upright! I was amazed he did not fall over on his side, so I put him in the refrigerator with two small jelly glasses by his side to give him support until he firmed enough to stand without the threat of falling. It worked. Also used a bit of chocolate icing on the plate so he would stick to the bottom. That was a really good suggestion found on the instructions on how to bake this cake. Good thing I kept everything.

The gardens are also showing signs of life - with a few snow drops and crocuses and daffodils in blooms. The hyacinths are just starting to bud, too. Still a lot of work to do and I am taking advantage of every nice day to clean the beds and prepare for mulching. In the fall I will need to plant more bulbs for more Spring time color.

Flowering shrub - I need to find out its name. These are at least 20 years old and still flower every Spring. They are my first shrubs to bloom.

A hyacinth and johnny jump ups (violets) emerging. More picture to come when they are in bloom!


We also have a pair of nesting cardinals in the shrub by the front door and the carolina wrens are also near the house. Wonder where they will build their nest this year. Last year it was on the wreath on the front door. And we are looking forward to the hummingbirds returning soon.

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday with good friends and a good meal. This Sunday the weather told cold within a short time while we were outside with a very cold wind. So probably not much yard work today!

I hope you all are well and enjoying life.  Stay well.

Gunnarr, Shorty, Fionnegan. Yes they do pose for me!

Until next time.......