Monday, June 22, 2020

06.21.2020 Happy Father's Day and Happy Summer

Happy Father's Day to all of your Dads and Granddads and Dads to be!

Summer - day 1. What a day. It was hot indeed. Started the morning with a lovely kayak trip on the Concord River. It was the first outing this summer and was thoroughly enjoyable. No pictures this time as I took only hopes and dreams and left all other gear and troubles and worries elsewhere. I did feel a little guilty leaving the boys at home and not taking them for a walk. But this morning was much needed for exercise and peace and quiet. And it was too hot for them to walk much, even early in the morning in the woods. We have no air conditioning at home, so we were hot all night! Thank heavens for fans. So I left a fan running for them and slipped out. Yes, they did get treats.

Along the river I saw a couple of turtles, quite a few great blue herons, red winged blackbirds, mourning doves, tree swallows, one osprey and a kingbird. The swallows were busy skimming insects along the surface of the water. One little turtle jumped in front of the kayak after I momentarily stopped due to a snag. He was probably a bit more surprised than me! There were more people than usual on the river at this time of morning, probably many of us in the same boat - in need of exercise and a chance to stretch our muscles and just simply enjoy being outside without a mask. Most of the trip was very quiet and I heard only the sound of the birds and the oars dipping into the river. On occasion there was a motor boat with eager fishermen. One had a little fellow, probably 5, fishing with his father and grandfather. He was so cute and was helping with a fish that was just caught. His granddad said he loves fishing and he had a perfect casting technique. What a little sweetheart.

Oh yes, one of the reasons why I hit a snag was that I moved over to give a motor boat a wide berth so he did not get tangled in the "seaweed" and overgrowth.  It is easier to paddle through the growth than it is to motor. And it is easy to bounce over a snag - usually. Had no problems and just simply enjoyed the freedom and quiet and peaceful feeling. It is also a nice way to observe wildlife and birds feeding and fishing.

Once back at home we all did a little yard work. The boys like to help! They follow me all over the yard and wait for me at the gates.  Then I went to CPYC for my first lunch on the deck. Funny to have lunch wearing a mask! But we sat outside and enjoyed the sea view and the thunder clouds approaching the shore. No rain on us, but a beautiful display of lightning. It is so nice to be getting closer to normal. There were very few boats at the moorings or dock. My Mimi is still waiting for her overhaul. Everyone is backed up as few were able to work. We will see if I can get her ready in time to sail before the summer ends. I did check on my mooring and it is there with the buoy. That is a good start!

Here are Fionnegan and Gunnarr. Two happy dogs just after a bath. No hair cut for three months. If they were not so hot I would leave their hair long. My fluff muffins. Whenever we go walking Fionn always reclines on a cool patch of grass. Sadly, we have very little grass in our yard. But he always finds a cool patch somewhere and just smiles.

Shorty is doing very well. He has adapted to our summers and winters and Fionnegan and Gunnarr. He likes to play and wrestle with them but seems to be annoyed whenever they bark at dogs on the television. He just looks at me and leaves the room. He loves walks in the woods and we  have been going on walks whenever it is cooler for them. But he still is a bit of a challenge when it comes to brushing, and forget the bath. But he stays clean with 5 to 6 towel rubs per day and a towel bath every week. Maybe I annoy him too!

Fionnegan                                                         Gunnarr

And Shorty grooming his paws. Who needs nail cutters when yo have teeth and asphalt walks.

Until this week, the gardens have looked beautiful. But the heat and no rain are taking their toll. The mock orange shrub has a lovely fragrance, the honeysuckle has attracted hummingbirds, and here we have a cute little squirrel eating herbs in a hanging flower basket. Do you think he could read the sign?

Old fashion roses. One bloom per year and this year was specular.


New dawn rose. Delicate pink color with a delicate fragrance.

Mountain laurel - one of my favorites.

I do hope you all are well.

I am because my little dog knows me.  - Gertrude Stein

Until next time........

Sunday, June 7, 2020

06.07.2020 My gardens

With all of the warm weather and rain we have had, the gardens are blooming like magic. We have succession gardens, with something in bloom from late winter to late fall. It is really nice to see the various flowering shrubs. Now the irises are in bloom and the peonies are almost ready to open. I have even found buds on some lilies. The pink dogwood was beautiful and more than makes up for me not being able to keep a healthy white dogwood here.

And with all of flowering plants comes weeds! I am certain that one load of mulch a couple of years ago introduced an aggressive weed. The weed flowers  are a pretty blue and delicate, but the weed is anything but delicate. I pulled all of them out by the roots for the last two years and they are back again. I am trying to keep on top of this but the weed is very prolific and is in most gardens in the front of the house and I found some in the back. I do have my work cut out for me. I am waiting for home schooling to be completed in a couple of weeks as the neighbor boy Colin agreed to help  me pull weeds. No doubt just what a little fella wants to do - help the neighbor pull weeds. He does help with the dogs so maybe we can do everything at once!

These French lilacs are right by the front door and are so very sweet smelling. The fragrance can be appreciated throughout the house.

The tropical side of me really enjoys the hibiscus.




White Mountain Laurel, one of my favorites. Along the walkway by the front door, a small shrub has transformed itself.

The hummingbirds are frequent feeders here at the honeysuckle shrub. It is being shaped into a climbing plant to expose all of the flowers for easy access for the little hummers. We have a pair at the house again this summer.

A pretty marsh rose growing along the edge of the yard next to the road. Does not seem to mind the salt and sand from winter road blowing but thrives as if it were near th ebeach.

Here is my little Shorty, keeping watch at the door. If he is not on the porch, he is sitting in the driveway next to the gate. Check out his blog at

Yes, here is Shorty tearing through the flower gardens. He was chasing a chipmunk. Now there are irises in a vase on the kitchen table. And no surprise, Fionn and Gunnarr were close behind him.

While excited to go outside, Fionnegan and Gunnarr always seem eager to come back inside the house with me. Shorty tends to ignore them when they bark and fuss like this. He just sits there and waits for me to let them all back indoors.

OK, it is a challenge to get a picture of the dogs and flowers in one frame! One day Fionnegan was standing on the top step intently watching a bee. Good thing he had the sense not to try to chase it or eat it. Shorty likes to catch flies on the fly. One day it might be a bee!

Fionnegan and Gunnarr are in need of a proper haircut. I do trim them but cannot do the full clipping. No spa date for another three weeks! My little fluff muffins were quite hot the last few days. Trying my best to keep them cool. Lots of water. More trimmings in the plan today.

Fionnegan.                                                                    Gunnarr.

My very best wishes to all of you and I do hope you all are safe and well. Will write again soon.......