Sunday, August 30, 2020

08.30.2020 Summer gardens

Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday when we were all advised to stay home and stay safe. Working in the garden was one way to feel "normal", making sure the weeds were under control and there were enough paths for the dogs to run and not overrun the flowers. Then we had one heat wave after another and many plants shriveled.  And the gophers ate most of my prized monkhood's - plants that have blue flowers that begin in mid-September and end at the first heavy frost - usually November. I will miss them as they are tall, showy and beautiful - and extend the feel of summer just a bit longer. It was nice to always have some color in the gardens for most of the year.

The day lilies and star gazer lilies are always beautiful and I do enjoy the range of colors and times of bloom. We still have a yellow Stella D'Ora in bloom but with only a few buds left before she is done for the season. Perhaps I will get a few mums for a little added color for the Fall season.


We also have many birds at the feeders now. They are preparing for their long migrations or perhaps just feeding to prepare for a local winter. While I don't have any exotic birds, I am enjoying the Carolina wren, red bellied and hairy woodpeckers, hummingbirds and titmouse in particular.  But I actually enjoy all of them. I found a hairy woodpecker pecking on the wren house, now there is a really big opening! The chipmunks and squirrels still do there best to get the bird seed and sometimes they are successful.

Now - how did he ever get inside this squirrel proof feeder? He is cute. He also has managed to open the lid - a metal lid with a locking twist. When there is a will - there is a way!

Here are a few of my favorite flowers from the spring and summer gardens.






















 Grasshoppers inside the lilies.


Dragonfly                                                                  Carolina wren in her nest.
 And off she flew!

And my boys:
Fionnegan                                                                 Gunnarr


And of course, Shorty, my Yapese dog. They are all loves.


I hope you enjoyed this overview of our summer gardens and feathered friends and furry visitors.\

Please do stay safe.