Wednesday, April 22, 2020

04.22.2020 SPRING!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it is Spring and what a welcome relief. We had a beautiful Sunday and I was able to walk around the gardens for a little bit. Yes, I had been ill, but am happy to report that everyday I am gaining some strength. Will be back to work in May when the regular office hours resume. No problem!

We have taken the opportunity to have some much needed work done on the house, so it will all feel nice once everything is done. My boys have been wonderful through all of this. They are really good doggies.

The first blooming azaela.

 We have a house wren nesting in the old Christmas wreath on the front door. It looks a little slanted to me but last night when I went outside she flew out so I guess she is using it!  I'll keep an eye out for eggs and then little ones!  So I guess no Spring wreath on the front door just yet. In this picture, there are no eggs but we'll keep an eye on the nest at a distance.

Shorty always stops to smell the hyacinths. He must like the sweet scent.

Sometimes they do line up for a photograph when requested!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

04.16.2020 Happy Easter

A heartfelt but belated Happy Easter to all of you. I am so very sorry for just a short  note but do hope to return to my blogs soon.

A surprise this morning - snow! Who would have thought we would have sunny weather one day and wake up to watch big fluffily flakes falling from the sky!

Gardens showing beautiful plants so far. As soon as I am better will be taking more photographs.

Please stay well. More soon.......