Friday, January 30, 2015

Go Patriots

Here's hoping New England Patriots return as champions one more time. And yes, I decided to cancel two classes that I am teaching as I have reserved a table at the Marina to watch the game. There is no way I cannot watch. Despite the article I read today, The Seattle Seahawks do not have more devoted fans than us. The Super Bowl is Monday morning  for us here, hence "Super Bowl Monday".  (The picture is from last year when I got Fionn ready for his first Super Bowl.)



Thursday, January 29, 2015

01.23.15 visit to Rumung - Womens' and Mens' dances

Here are a few photgraphs taken by Julie.

yes, those skirts can sway. These were made from hibiscus fiber.

I really like her. She tried hard to keep pace with the older girls and women. And she would smile at  me as I watched her.

I like seeing the younger girls learning the traditional songs and dances.

A little one.

She did watch the girl next to her and did imitate her movements for a while. She was so cute.      

The old ways and the new ways. See the nail polish?

He is a darling.

A very somber start.

The mens' dance tends to be a bit suggestive, although mild compared to what we now see. It was originally forbidden for a woman to watch, so many hid behind trees to observe the dances. In these modern times, women are allowed in the audience, but there is a bright light facing the "stage" that keeps the men from identifying the women in the audience. And of course, the younger girls giggle.

I like the blurred pictures. It gives you a sense of the movement.

He competed in the Olympics in Greece as a wrestler. A very nice man with a really nice smile. The woman is a surgical oncologist from Harvard Medical School and BIDMC. Perhaps you recognize her.

WWII Japanese plane that crashed. Most unfortunate no one has been able to save it from the elements. You can see bullet holes in the tail section.

The boats await. Many who attended the dances were now living on the "mainland".

And yes indeed, It rained very, very hard for a while. Then it cleared and the dancing resumed.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

01.23.15 visit to the Forbidden Island - Rumung

On Saturday, Julie and her husband Peter took us to the forbidden island of Rumung. Travelers are not permitted there unless excorted and prior permission. In addition, I was not permitted to photograph the dances, but Julie was allowed. By the end of the evening she seemed to really be attached to my camera!

We started our trip in Maap. This is the northern part of Yap, with beautiful beaches. Friends of theirs met us in their boat and took us across for the day.

Julie getting ready to take pictures.

An old and unused men's house in Maap.

Hermit crabs in their shells.


Here comes our transportation.

Yes, add four more adults and this is how we travelled to Rumung from Maap.

We are on our way.  All six adults and three children and our lunch in this little motor boat.

The boat ride to Rumung.
Arrived in Rumung. A few scenic pictures that I was allowed to take.

What is everyone (almost everyone) trying to see?

Can you see what everyone was looking to see?

A baby egret.

Most kids in Yap are excellent swimmers. Their Mom said it was the "sink or swim" method. Most kids are pretty fearless about physical activities. Most are very agile and athletic. Also very thin.

A boat ride around Rumung to get to the school for the dances.

Really old money.

The three girls were really nice and fun.

An old traditional men's house.

Inside the men's house.

The women's dances begins.

Will select pictures of both the men and women's dances next.