Thursday, April 20, 2017

04/20/17 Shorty arrived to day in Boston

Yes, he is here sleeping in my study!  After a bit of a challenge in Chicago - he was found to have his wire leash wrapped around his neck and torso and was resisting help, Shorty made it on a later flight to Boston.

It was great to see him and since then I must have received dozens of dozens puppy kisses. He was a little reluctant to put on his new collar (his old one was removed) but we managed and how he is even wearing his harness.

He was really good in the car - sat upright in the back seat and watched through the window. Bit when he saw Fionnegan and Gunnarr - well let's just say it was not the welcome I had hoped. Fionn and Gunnarr barked aggressively at him and Shorty hid in a corner. When they came at him, Shorty barred his teeth. This is going to be interesting. I am convinced that in the end it will all work out. I had them outside to run and play and empty out. Fionn and Gunnarr kep to themselves but Shorty did come inside when called. They all had a special lunch of chicken and rice and carrots and dog food and one thing Fionn and Gunnarr will learn - do not eat out of Shorty's bowl!

After lunch they went outside for a little while for independent play and  now all three are fast asleep in their own corners.

It is so good to have Shorty home. He still remembers some commands and he listens to me. The neighbor Colin came over to see him and they really have a very good visit. Shorty took to him very easily so Colin will help me by letting them out after school.

Here are a couple of pictures of Shorty on his ride home and in the boys bed.

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