Saturday, March 10, 2018

03.10.18 Weather weather everywhere!

One thing we all know in New England is that winter in never over before May. Last Sunday I was clearing out the gardens and four days later we are clearing downed trees from the yard and driveway.

Yes, another nor'easter hit us and delivered over one foot of heavy snow. We have trees and bows everywhere. One just missed crushing the front of the car and a second was blocked by the new fence that was installed because of Shorty's arrival. So out came the hand saw and I had to saw the smaller branches in order to move this huge limb. I could not even lift it! Finally I was able to drag it to the side of the driveway.

The car is hiding somewhere behind these branches. Minimal damage. Very lucky indeed.

My French lilac and my crabapple tree sustained a lot of damage - they had bloomed profusely last spring. We'll have to wait and see how they recover before I bring out the ole chain saw.

The tops of a few hemlock trees fell into the yard and the only advice I can give is "stay clear"! we heard the crashing of trees and limbs all night. Here is Gunnarr and Shorty checking the new fallen snow! Shorty makes the path for Fionnegan and Gunnarr. As much of a surprise as it is, Shorty has the longer legs!

Here are the three of then having fun in the snow.

Shorty has a great time in the snow. He rolls around in it and buries his nose in the snow banks.

 Inside looking out. The front gate was open so they had to stay inside while I sawed branches. And they had to thaw out and melt those snow bunnies stuck to their coat and hair.



 And they are off to the races!

Always time to wrestle.

 Snow bunnies on Gunnarr.

 Fionnegan is having a great time running in the snow. And collecting snow bunnies.

Are you coming in or going out?

The puppy cave is created from a bent willow shrub. The kept running under the branches and seemed to really enjoy it.

My little Fionn. He is the smallest and has the biggest "personality"

My sweet Shorty.

My darling Gunnarr.

Shorty enjoyed the puppy cave too.

Good buddies.

Shorty is one happy dog. Look at him smile!

Blue color in the ice and snow.

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