Monday, September 2, 2019

09.02.19 Labor Day weekend

This is the unofficial last day of summer in the USA. But I am not ready for summer to end. The days are getting shorter - a clear  sign that fall and winter are close. One morning I stepped outside to the cool crispness and the thought in my mind was I like living in summer. Not just summer, but living in summer. I love the long days even if hot - and I do not have air conditioning - as I really enjoy outdoor activities. Would not mind another two or three months for my gardens and sailing and hikes through the woods.

So with dark and dreary clouds in the sky and the feeling of rain coming soon, we did a bit of yard work, escaped the great horned owl then went inside where I turned on Bruce (Springsteen) and gave the dogs a bath. Well two dogs anyway, Fionnegan and Gunnarr got the bath while Shorty got a towel bath and a brushing. Shorty was not too pleased, but I also trimmed two mats of hair behind his ears. Sorry Shorty, but it has to be done. And no biting.

The three great horned owls are local and they are heard most nights hooting. And I see them many evenings perched in the trees overlooking the backyard. I have a strong sense that they are eyeing my Fionnegan and Gunnarr and after I get the dogs back in the house, the owls fly away. Fortunately the dogs listen when I tell them to go on the porch. Sometimes they turn around and bark at the owls when they hoot but I try to discourage that and just get them inside the house. See for more owl stories.

The "gold cup" Rhodes 19 races were this weekend at CPYC. I raced but did not win. It is just fun to be on the water and we all know our sailing days are limited. With the hurricane season upon us and especially Hurricane Dorian bounding the Bahamas and soon Florida, we know we will have to secure or drydock our boats far too soon. I made sure Mimi was secure on her mooring. When the hurricane hit Winthrop this summer she had some slight damage to the sail cover and it shook the pin nearly out that secured the boom to the mast. Good thing I do safety checks on her.

Here are the sailing Rhodes 19 racers. We had a great time, the weather and winds were perfect.

With fall approaching, my day lily garden is also finished. The blooms this year were spectacular and I enjoyed each and every flower. Here is the last blooming day lily from yesterday.

The most fragrant of my day lilies.

There were more white lilies than I have ever had in the gardens, and they were beautiful, especially in the evening at sunset.

The Turk's cap lily was especially nice to see this year. Usually beetles infest the plant and there are no flowers. This year there were three stems - two migrated across the driveway and populated the garden by the kitchen porch. It grew near the honeysuckle, which attracted a pair of hummingbirds and the juvenile offspring. What enjoyment to sit on the porch near dusk and watch the hummingbirds feeding at the flowers.

A favorite purple flower. It grew right by the sidewalk by the driveway. Not to be missed.

Black eyed Susan is one of my all time favorite. These are wild and I try hard to recognize the shoots in early spring so I do not pull them out with weeds.

There were many dragonflies and damsels and I love watching them flutter from stem to stem.

One of the most beautiful and fragrant flower was the oriental lily.

Grasshopper in the flower.

The eye contact between Fionn and Gunnarr is intense. Don't let his reclining position make you feel that he is not is "attack" mode.  They hold each others gaze for many minutes, then run towards each other with full force and wrestle. They have such fun together and I am really happy I brought them both home.

After the wrestling they both took some time to chill. This time Gunnarr is reclining.

Shorty peeked aroud the corner from the deck and decided he was not going to join in the fun, so he went back to sit down. They were tired after a long walk through the town forest. They hiked three miles - good for them!

Here are three happy doggies! They are such fun - good companions for me and each other!

(Shorty, Fionnegan and Gunnarr)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Happiness is a way of life, not a destination.

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