Tuesday, October 15, 2019

10.14.19 Tragedy in Yap

Rachelle Bergeron (Haemmerling), the Acting Attorney General, was killed at home last night after a run with her dogs. She is from the US and arrived in Yap in August 2015, shortly before I left. While we had little time together, she was a great help with the refugees and was committed to helping the people of Yap, especially women and children.

She married Simon Haemmerling in Yap almost one year ago. Simon is a pilot for PMA and works with Amos, our friend. Rachelle was planning on coming back to the US soon.
What a senseless loss of a good person. 

Here is the message from Amos asking for help to offset the costs of transporting her body back home. If you are so inclined, please consider helping. People like Rachelle and many others are instrumental in helping make this a better world for all of us. It is heartbreaking to see that violence causes that work to be finished all too soon.

Dear Friends of Simon and Rachelle,

Most of you have heard by now of the tragedy that occurred here last night.  The family has decided to bury her in the US.  This will come at a financial cost to Simon and Rachelle’s family. 

A friend of Simon, Joseph Adams, has set up a Go Fund Me.  If you are interested in helping them out financially, please click on the link below.



Rachel is on the far right end.

This photograph was taken at my farewell dinner.

May you rest in peace Rachelle. And Simon, may you find peace in God's work.

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