Sunday, May 10, 2020

05.10.2020 A new Mom - the house wren

Yes, my house wren nesting in the Christmas wreath on my front door has a little one. The egg must have hatched a day or so ago. We have not been using the doors near her but I do look out the window to see if she is on her nest.

She has been there most of the time but really does not seem afraid of the dogs. However, she does fly away when I come out of the door. We had to use the door because Chewy delivered the dog food and I saw this little one raising its head. Even the delivery man enjoyed seeing this precious little one, but most likely the momma house wren was not impressed with us. May be if lucky, I can see this one fledge. But no more pictures so we do not disturb them.

Look at those big eyes.

It has been fun watching the feeders. I have added another one so I can see it from the kitchen door. Saw a yellow bellied woodpecker and a downy woodpecker at the suet feeder this morning. We also have cardinals nesting around the house and I am sure the hummingbird has a tiny little nest nearby. She was perched atop a lilac bush for about ten minutes. It was nice to see her back!

So I am managing to keep busy with some telehealth work, and tending to the gardens, birds and my boys, of course!

Please take good care of yourselves. My very best wishes for your good health.

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  1. Hi Dr. Duda. I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well but hope you are better now! This is a crazy time and hope you are staying safe. Sincerely, Ro Williams (PS--Love seeing pictures of the boys! They are so cute! And your flowers are beautiful!)