Saturday, November 7, 2020

11.06.2020 Fall in New England

New England is a beautiful part of the world. And we are blessed with four seasons that arrive with a variety of color and temperatures.  Autumn is a favorite of locals and tourists as well and this year was no different.

We had some spectacular color as the trees prepared for their winter slumber. The colorful leaves against a blue sky backdrop is simply gorgeous.

Gardens remain full of bright color with pretty purple and yellow mums.

And I even had a few of my favorite monk's hood in bloom for the Fall gardens.

And - one stella d'ora day lily was still continuing to bloom despite being in the running pathway of my three boys.

And then it happened - snow! Yes it snowed while the trees were still covered in leaves and flowers were abloom in the gardens. 

My pretty monk's hoods were weighed down by the heavy wet snow and no longer stood tall - typically over 5 feet tall. Now they were all bent and snow covered.

This snow ended the blooming season for the hearty stell d'ora as well.

A winter wonderland in October.

But the snow was short lived and the next morning out came the sun and warmed us all. Damage was done to several trees and an ancient white lilac plant. But just like the colored leaves are brilliant against a blue sky backdrop - so is snow.

Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty like to sniff out buried treasures in the snow.  And keep an eye out for those chipmunks!

Before we knew it the weather was back to sunny and warm and we were all enjoying a little more of mild temperatures before the inevitable winter storms arrive.

The best thing to do on a wintery day - take a nap!

Or keep an eye on Momma while she works! Even when she dresses you up with a bandana.

Please stay well during this continued coronavirus pandemic. Please be safe.

Until next time please enjoy this bouquet of beautiful flowers with a lovely fragrance to cheer you.

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