Monday, February 22, 2021

02.22.2021 Bluebirds of Spring

 February is one of my favorite months. The mornings are light earlier and the days are light longer and we often have beautiful bright blue cloudless skies. We also have some bitter cold weather, too, in February. And even though we have over two feet of snow on the ground, you can feel Spring is close. Spring is in the air.

And nothing was more convincing of that then yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day. It was warmer (OK, the sun was out and it was above the freezing mark) and crisp and clear. And there was a flock of 8 bluebirds at my feeders! These beautiful birds - six males and two females - were feasting at the suet feeder right in front of the kitchen window. What a treat to watch them. They were joined at the feeders by titmouse, chickadees, juncos and hairy woodpeckers.  What a treat to watch them and take an occasional photograph. While they were leery of me and  especially the camera, they totally ignored the dogs sitting on the porch right next to the feeder. It was a nice way tot spend an afternoon. Taxes can always be done later!

These bluebirds fluffed up their feathers as insulation against the cold weather. 

My fellow birders!

Please stay well. And enjoy each and every day as a special gift.

Until next time......

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