Thursday, November 25, 2021

11.25.2021 Happy Thanksgiving.

 Autumn has been busy with activities to compensate for the heat and rain of the summer. But now it is time to put away the kayak and bicycle and prepare for winter. It is cold outside!

The last kayak trip of the season - reasonably warm with sunshine and a cool breeze. No leaves, few birds and no turtles sunning on the logs. Which begs the question - where do the turtles go in the winter? Was able to store the kayak and remove the car roof rack without freezing my fingers this year - even though it was done very late in the season!

Football has been great - Patriots doing quite well with a rookie quarterback. But I do miss our Tom Brady. Still cheer for him even though he plays for Tamp Bay. Went to the Tampa Bay - Patriot game and cheered for everyone. It will be hard to cheer against TB12.

Now the attention turns towards the holidays. The "twins" Fionnegan and Gunnarr had their holiday grooming appointment at the doggie spa while Shorty and I ran through the woods. What fun it is with him - he stops less often to sniff and mark and spends more time running. He often looks back to see if I am keeping up with him and we run until those short legs of his are exhausted!


Shorty on his magic carpet. I was taking pictures of the twins before the haircut and Shorty came up to me and nudged me on my back - he wanted a picture, too!

Post haircut. They come home exhausted for their day at the spa. And they sleep very well at noght!

And yes, Shorty was brushed and loose hairs trimmed, whether he liked it or not! It is shedding season.

And today we prepare for a Thanksgiving feast! The boys are excited and so am I. The house smells so fresh from the lilies and the white orchids add a very special touch. 

May you and your families all enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving Day and weekend. Remember to give thanks for all of our blessings and for our friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving - from my family to yours.

Until next time.....................

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