Sunday, April 17, 2022

04.17.2022 Happy Easter!

 It is a beautiful morning with blue skies and the sounds of birds with Spring fever!  Happy Easter to everyone. We will enjoy the day with a walk and a nice Easter lunch. We all are enjoying the chance to be outside in the sunshine. The gardens are starting to bloom but I wish I had more daffodils. There was a time when the gardens were full of a variety of daffodils but over time they disappeared. Could the squirrels be eating my bulbs? And every Spring I make a mental note to plant more bulbs in the Fall. And every Fall I find a good reason why I just cannot do that! Maybe this year.

The lily will be planted outside once it has finished blooming. In the garden, they tend to bloom in the summer.

The boys are doing reasonably well but we have had a couple of issues and Gunnarr goes back to the Vet in a couple of weeks. If there is something seriously wrong, he doesn't show it - he runs and plays and eats and is full of energy and life and love as always. But he had some abnormal tests so we are waiting to see if things improve. 

Before the Easter bath. Gunnarr wears the red collar and is having a good time.

My little Houdini Gunnarr. We have to watch him all of the time. He is trying to sneak through the gate - he does this in his pen in the house and has more often than not managed to open the gate. Fionnegan waits to see if they will be freed. He follows Gunnarr closely during these escapades. Fortunately, this is the gate between the front and the side yards, so they are safe no matter what. Shorty is reclining on the porch, he has learned that this will not work.


After the bath. They now smell so good and fresh. Even Shorty takes notice and sniffs the twins. He too smells good as he gets a rub down with their towel from the bath. Fionnegan is in the middle.  Shorty loves the camera and starts to pose and tries to smile at times. He also lets me trim the hairs on his paws without a fuss. And he gives Fionn and Gunnarr kisses. What a pack!

Everyone is waiting for dinner. Fionn  Gunnarr Shorty


Wishing you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter Day. May you all stay safe and well.

Until next time..........

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