Sunday, January 22, 2023

01.22.2023 It snowed!

 Just after Shorty finished his blog last week ( noting that we only had a dusting of snow, I looked out the window to see big fluffy flakes falling from the sky. It was snowing fast and hard and we had over 2 inches accumulating. Now that is a rather modest snowfall, it probably was the most we had at only one time this year. We had plenty of rain, but only a few "dustings" of snow.  Then later this week it snowed a few more inches. It is so beautiful and I don't mind shoveling when it is just a few inches. Plus, it is a chance to be outside in the peace and quiet during the still of the night.

It is important not to forget our little feathered friends so I keep the feeders full of sunflower seeds and duet. I do believe they eat more than we do! We have the usual winter visitors or perhaps they are local residents - chickadees, nuthatches, titmouse, yellow bellied woodpeckers, juncos, hairy and downy woodpeckers, Carolina wrens, mourning doves, blue jays, and an occasional flock of blue birds. And the pileated woodpeckers are also in the woods behind the house chatting away loudly. There are a few owls calling at night and a falcon or two swooping past the feeders. No feathers on the ground recently, so I guess all of the little birds flew to safety before the falcon arrived! Sometimes I find a clump of feathers so it seems like the hawks do snatch their target. 



 The boys all have a different reaction to the snow. Shorty loves it. He wants to run in the front yard and rolls in the snow and eats it too. He seems to really enjoy the cold weather and playing in the snow. And he makes the tracks for Fionnegan and Gunnarr as they don't really like getting their tummies wet! After all, what are big brothers for if not to help the little ones find their way in the snow.

Fionnegan and Gunnarr also run and play but not as much as Shorty. Gunnarr follows me around the yard as I knock the snow from the hemlock boughs, and he runs up and down the ledge and under the bushes. And he does chase Fionnegan under the hemlocks and bushes, But this year it seems Fionnegan was mostly happy just watching us from the porch, keeping his paws and tummy dry! Smart dog.

Fionnegan with a bit of snow on his head and legs and paws. We will melt those snow bunnies in the bathroom with a nice warm towel rub and the hair drier when we go inside the house.

Gunnarr was having a bit of a run around the yard as I work. While they all keep a close eye on my, Gunnarr is really my shadow. He never leaves me far out of range.

He is looking for a squirrel or chipmunk.  There are also deer tracks as Bucky Deerburgher hops the fence and leaves his trail. This deer drives the boys nuts!

He was having fun making his own tracks. 

Once I am finished clearing the trees and shoveling the walkway (limited shoveling if I think it will melt!), Gunnarr rejoins Fionn on the porch. 

Christmas lights are still on the tree and handrail. The lights look nice in the snow and since it was still early morning, they are still light.

Shorty stays out with me as long as I am outside doing whatever needs to be done. He keeps an eye on me but also just runs and plays. He is lucky to have grown a very thick undercoat, even though he sheds like crazy. It does keep him warm in the cold weather and we only need to use the puffer vests when it is bitter cold. When it is time to go inside the house, he always gives me a big kiss with one very cold nose! That is how he tells me he is happy.

I do hope you all are well and warm if you live in a cold climate. We have not had much snow this winter and the skiers are disappointed. I do miss the beautiful winter scenery when there is snow, and I really enjoy watching the dogs and birds at the feeders. But I do not mind the break from constant snow shoveling!

 Until next time................

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