Sunday, March 12, 2023

03.12.2023 "Joe"


03.23.2023 “Joe”

  Finally, the house is back in order. All of the furniture was placed into the original places, all of the pictures were rehung on the walls, books placed back on the shelves, and all of the boxes emptied, unusable contents discarded, and the boxes finally removed from the living room, dining room and atrium. My house is back in order! It feels so good to have everything in its place. I even bought a bouquet of pink roses to celebrate the restored order. It took about 2 months to have everything completed and I will admit the dogs were skillful in negotiating the new obstacles in their pathway.

Everything back in place except for Joe. Joe is a bunny rabbit won for me at the local county fair by a charming young man when I was just a shy 16 year old young lady. My friend named him after his own nickname. Joe has traveled with me for every move since high school. He had a prominent place in my bedroom until it seemed inappropriate for a woman to have a stuffed animal in her room. So Joe lived in a box with other stuffed animals, tucked safely away in the closet. Or so I thought they were safe. It appears that the mice found their way into a few boxes in the closet, so the items that could not be salvaged were discarded. But Joe was gently placed in the washing machine for a good cleaning. Then he had a few seams sutured and he is almost as good as new.  While I do have a new and clean box ready for him for storage, I have hesitated to put him away. He reminds me of the younger days that we all thought would never end, of all of the dreams and hopes we had as we grow up and transition into adulthood. Yes, Joe will eventually be put safely away, this time with a few additional precautions to ensure that the mice do not disturb him. But until there is a guest who uses the room, he has a comfortable place on top of a few pillows. 

Meet Joe, who is now a Vintage stuffed animal! He shows a little wear but smells so good from his two washing machine baths! He lost a little of his filler but that does not seem to matter. He is still cute. Don't you agree?


Spring will be here in less than 2 weeks. It seems like we all have Spring fever here and Spring cleaning is in progress. We anticipate at least one more snowstorm this week, but it is March and the wintry effects will not last long. The boys (Fionnegan, Gunnarr and Shorty) still delight in rolling in the snow in the front yard. And I will delight in only shoveling paths instead of entire driveways and porches following the next snow. 

A pink rose to brighten the living room. I love fresh flowers in the house and have always enjoyed their presence and fragrance. They do make a difference in uplifting the mood.


Hope you all are well. Shorty will need to update his blog soon, too.

 Until next time.........



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