Tuesday, July 4, 2023

07.04.2023 Happy 4th of July - Rain and a little sun!

 O the plans that we had for the 4th of July celebrations. We were going for a nice long morning walk, followed by a cookout. Then after a little gardening, I was going to the boat to work on her and spend time awaiting the firework display. But alas, plans are just that. It rained in the morning, so no morning walk. Then in the afternoon it poured. So not much gardening and no working on the boat and no cookout! But I did finish a book and cleaned a closet. Always feels good to get some chores done. Also feels good to just chill. Maybe I will just watch the fireworks on the television!

A few lilies from the garden. The rain has been a big help, so no complaints. Last year we had a drought and just a little snow this winter. So the rain is most welcomed, even on the 4th of July!

Blossum from a very tall tree behind the house. The tree is beautiful when in full bloom, but the
rains had dislodged many of the flowers.


Here is my Shorty. He seems to be slowing down a bit, getting old like the rest of us!

Gunnarr and Fionnegan after a spa visit and haircut.

Before the spa they looked like little sheep dogs!  They looked cute. I am amazed they could still see to run!

The spa date a couple of weeks ago did give Shorty and me some walking time alone.  He does so well on the walks and we do have a good time. He doesn't bark at other dogs and is just happy sniffing and marking and exploring. He is so much easier than the twins! He also does not accept treats from strangers! Good boy.

A new dawn rose. The bush is lovely.

Hope you all had a nice 4th of July, rain or sunshine! It was a good day. Now to get ready to see the fireworks.

Until next time..............

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  1. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! And your boys are adorable!