Monday, November 13, 2023

11.08.2023. End of Summer Flowers and Sailing Season


11.08.2023. End of Summer Flowers and Sailing Season

 The program made an interesting error and published this on Shorty's blog instead of mine. Will be writing more soon.

 Yes, it has been a while since I last posted. A lot of things have been keeping me busy - tidying up the gardens, drydocking my Mimi and of course, my boys.

My New Dawn rose bush was very prolific this summer with two major blooming sessions. It still has one flower in bloom on the branches. Maybe it had done so well because it had a major pruning this Spring, or maybe it needed all of the rain we had this summer or maybe it is just good luck! But I did enjoy these delicate and fragrant flowers. Even had enough to bring a few inside to enjoy on the kitchen table.

The monkshoods are still in bloom, although I have fewer plants this year than ever. There also were none at the garden center, so I could not replant them. I like these as they are blue and will bloom until the first heavy frost. They are one of my favorite flowers in the garden.


 And here is a purple cone flower that the bunny missed! Earlier this summer the bunny ate all of the daisies, black-eye-Susans and cone flowers. This one grew new buds and survived the hungry little critter!



And yes, one periwinkle is still in bloom, even though this is really a Spring bloom!



Here is the last full bloom and a couple of buds that may not survive the cold temperatures. 





And, sadly, the end of summer also means my little sailboat goes into winter storage. There was one last sail at the end of September then to the docks.



Autumn is filled with yard work and some football, although my Patriots are not doing very well again this year. But hope springs eternal that they soon will play better!


Hope you all are well. A blog is in progress with I hope some nice bird and lemur pictures. Stay tuned!


Until next time............

No blog complete without a photograph of my boys! They turned 10!


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