Friday, June 1, 2018

05.31.18 Sunset over Winthrop - Sailing soon!

Had the opportunity to go to CPYC in Winthrop after work one day this week. It is that time of year when we all are working on our boats and getting them ready to be launched. Mimi has a new main sail ordered and I cannot wait for it to arrive. She will love it! And maybe we can win a sailing race or two! There are a few boats already at their moorings and they are a lovely site. Have been checking the tide charts and arranging for crew to help me more her from her winter home to CPYC. Cannot wait for the first sail of the season - so I better get all of the garden work done now! Once Mimi is launched there will be little time for yard work. Maybe that is why I have so many weeds at the end of summer!

Here are a few pictures of the sunset from the docks at CPYC.

The Boston skyline is always beautiful.

Low tide. Must be careful not to ground Mimi. Her mooring is really close to where it becomes shallow very quickly. Even though she draws only 3.5 feet, it seems like the seagulls can walk to my boat during low tide. I suspect once last year during a jibe she touched bottom along this shore line.

This is one of my favorite views from the dock. I love the tower at Crystal Cove. That is where Mimi winters.

The sun is slipping behind the trees.

Here is seagull swimming at sunset. Wonder if he is enjoying the view!

Yap has been on my mind lately. Maybe because we are preparing for water activities - kayaking and sailing, maybe because it is getting warm, and maybe because tonight has a real tropical feel to the weather. Had been hoping to go there for homecoming in June but cannot get away. Maybe next year. I also heard from one of the refugees from my time on Yap. He is still hoping to come to the USA. Maybe one day he will. We all have our dreams, and sometimes, dreams do come true. Believe, they say, believe.

My boys are exhausted after running around the yard and enjoying a nice dinner. Here they are passed out on the floor, keeping me company as I work on the computer. 

Hope you are having a good Spring.

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