Wednesday, March 6, 2019

03.06.18 March Snow and Bluebirds

We had one of our typical March snowstorms this week with well over one foot of snow! It is beautiful and once this cold front moves along, it will melt soon. But shovel I did.

It is a really peaceful time and I enjoy the quiet time and rhythm of shoveling. No one bothers you, probably for fear of being asked to help!  While taking a container out to feed the birds and squirrels, I listened to the calls of several different types of birds. I am trying to learn the songs. There on the branch just above the feeder was a male bluebird, singing as pretty as can be. Another male joined him and I was certain they were patiently waiting for me to put the seed in the feeder. Also there were several of my favorite tufted titmouse and even an evening grosbeak.

Had the camera ready for the bluebird.

Still snowing but his feathers are all fluffed up to keep him warm. And it is breakfast time, so he is ready.

He does look like he is watching me. He also is one handsome bird. There was a female by the front of the house last week, am hoping the become residents and build a nest. There are nest boxes on a nearby farm for them, so maybe they will come over for seed.

Can you find the bird?

This tufted titmouse was not going to let a little snow in the feeder keep him from breakfast!

And here is a little chickadee who was also able to find the sunflower seeds under the snow.

Once finished shoveling the back deck for the boys and feeding the birds, it was time to turn my attention to the sidewalk and driveway and kitchen porch. Lots to shovel there but I was rewarded by hearing the very loud call of a pileated woodpecker. He is a really noisy bird. I did not have the camera with me, but no matter. I followed his sound until I saw his bright red head in a nearby white pine tree. Then he flew. There is no mistaking this very large woodpecker. And I was able to see him fly even closer to me and get a really good look at his markings and wing feathers. What a gorgeous bird.

These are not my photographs, but I thought you might enjoy seeing what this bird looks like. These images are by professional photographers. Handsome, right? And he has been seen in my backyard woods for a few years now. Hoping to find a nest some time.

What luck to be able to watch this! What skill and luck for the photographer who was able to capture the image.

So shoveling snow does have its rewards. And I should always have that camera with me.

Until next time, stay healthy and be happy ...………..

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