Sunday, April 14, 2019

04/14/19 Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, a very special day in the Church as it is the first day of Holy Week. So if we haven't kept our Lenten promises, we have one more week to get to it!

It was a beautiful day. We took Fionnegan and Gunnarr to the groomer as they are starting to look like moppets. Cute, but moppets. And this gave me a little extra time with Shorty. The twins tend to occupy all space and time and while Shorty is given tummy rubs and treats and play time, it does pale in comparison to what Fionn and Gunnarr get. Those two little ones are masters at getting attention.

So after dropping off the twins, Shorty and I went for a lovely walk around the lake and a trail in the woods. He loves walking and did very well. He even went for a brief splash in the lake twice, although it must have been really cold. At the end of the walk we met our big challenge. There were eight horses riding in line on the rode next to the trail. Of course he would see them, even tough I held our walk back so they would pass before we came to the road. But Shorty saw them and got very agitated. Big, big dogs to him, I guess. I have learned to keep the leash short on these occasions as he once ate half-way through a leash when he wanted to chase after a horse. I talk to him to keep him calm, but the ears were on high alert. He only barked once, the leader of the group called to those in line that a dog was nearby (just one?, they were riding along the park where many people walk dogs!).  All in all, I was very pleased with the outcome, he stayed relatively close to me and did not pull on the leash. Funny thing, we were using the same leash he bit in half!

After the walk we had a special treat and he sat with me outside while I did a few things around the yard. Maybe this makes up for taking him to the vets for shots!

The gardens are looking nice. Some flowers are in bloom and I have cleared a lot of dead leaves and branches already. We have many birds at the feeders, and also have a red squirrel, gray squirrels, and one black squirrel. But our most beautiful visitor was the deer. Maybe it was Bucky Deerburgher, maybe another deer new to my yard, but one that was curious enough to jump the fence and sniff at the bird feeders. This is probably the same one that ate my rhododendrons and forsythia outside the gate despite the "deer away" hung all over the place. Oh well. Bucky stood still while we all watched him through the window and door, but as soon as Fionn and Gunnarr starting barking, off he jumped over the fence. Then I let them out to see what they would do. They were on target for the exact spot where the deer jumped but fortunately they did  not try to jump the fence. Good boys.

Here are a few flowering plants from my gardens. Enjoy!

Gunnarr with his nose under the fence, sad to be stuck inside while I was in the gardens.

Fionnegan was also sad to be left. There is no escape.

Shorty was just fine, he was taking in the sunshine on the porch and then did his stretches when I came back. He is really one happy pup! That tail is always wagging! And we came as close to a bath as he will ever allow!

Post haircut, ready for a nap. Gunnarr.


Our time together, just Shorty and me, on a nice walk over some familiar terrain and a new trail.

Until next time ……  
May your days be many and your troubles be few. And may all God's blessings descend upon you.

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