Sunday, May 12, 2019

05/12/19 Happy Mother's Day

This is a special day for all Moms. Hopefully most Moms are able to relax a little and enjoy their families.

We had a nice and quiet day today. Watched the Boston Bruins hockey game (6-2 victory) in the Eastern Conference Final. With luck we will be in the Stanley Cup Final. Yes, Boston is a sports town and we love our teams. We also have been very lucky with good teams and championships, but I digress. "Hope Mom likes hockey" was one advertisement for the game today on Mother's Day, I thought that was kind of cute! Hence the tie in with a blog today.

We had a quiet day as it rained a lot and no one likes getting their paws wet. I was planning on doing a little bird watching, but I don't like to get wet either! So we just enjoyed the day inside with reading and hockey and the boys napping.

This is a flower from my garden to honor all of the Moms who may read my blog. The azaleas have been incredibly beautiful and apparently not a favorite food of the deer. Good thing!

And as I was going through some old files, I found a picture of me and Fionnegan and Gunnarr when they were six months old, complete with floppy hair! And of course here is one with me and Shorty when he probably was also about a year and a half old. My boys, what would I do without them!

May all of you enjoy a special day today, and Happy Mother's Day to all of you special Moms.

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