Monday, June 10, 2019

06/10/19 A visitor in the garden

Now I have the photographic proof. Bucky Deerburgher in the gardens! Here he is, hiding behind a lilac plant. Hummingbird feeder is in the foreground.

Usually I let the boys out in the early morning while I get ready for work. But today I decided to go outside and make sure they "empty out". Fionnegan and Gunnarr were wrestling and as soon as I opened the door to go outside, they ran back inside to continue with their games.  Shorty was lying down in the driveway watching the cars and the neighbors.

Then I heard some snorting. Much to my surprise Shorty was not paying attention and kept his vigil on the road. But I recognized the snort as once a few years ago Bucky snorted and stamped his hoof at me. Well, this Bucky was no different. He snorted again and stamped his hoof. I quickly went inside the house and grabbed my cell phone and snapped one picture right off just in case Bucky ran.  But Bucky was not going anywhere and Shorty did not sense him.  So I took a few more pictures then went to the fence to take a few more.

There were more snorts and stamping but that was about it. I also made a mental note to myself - under no circumstance, no matter how good the sale, am I to buy any more rhododendrons or mountain laurel for the back gardens. Note to self two - buy the real "deer away" stuff as the knock off brand I bought this year was not a deterrent.

But I digress.  I must have had a full three or four minutes of watching this beautiful creature watch me, the "rodent with antlers" as I frequently call them when they use my gardens as a salad bar. He let me get as close as the fence and still click away with the camera.

Then Shorty noticed that I was not taking pictures of him, Fionn, Gunnarr or flowers. Yes, there was Bucky! Well he started barking as he ran to the fence. the boys inside the house were watching from the kitchen door started barking, and the deer as expected ran away - eventually. He first watched Shorty before he decided to jaunt away, in no particular rush.

After watching this behavior, I do believe that he figured out that the dogs cannot jump the fence! Bucky was safe from those pesky little four legged creatures!  That could be why the deer keep coming back despite the dogs barking full force at them. They sense they are safe. Yesterday Shorty spotted him while he was looking out the window and the deer did not run until I came outside. So my little warriors are not that frightening to a big deer!

Bucky Deerburgher watching me watching him.

Here is Bucky aware of Shorty barking as he ran up the driveway. Initially he only twitched his head.

Finally Bucky turns and runs over the hill.

Interesting enough, he did not raise his tail as a flag sign to warn other deer of danger. I'll be back he seems to say. Sure enough he was, in the early evening he returned to a chorus of three dogs trying to keep him at large! Bold, bold, bold.

The gardens inside the fences are gorgeous. The best ever! I suspect I saw that every Spring but this year with all of the rain they are quite big and full of flowers - irises, lilacs, mountain laurel, geraniums, columbine, old fashion roses and peonies are just a few of the plants that are in flower right now.

Here are a few photographs of the flowers in bloom today.

My little warriors tracking down the deer and squirrels.

 These are the most fragrant lilacs right by the front door.

Smaller but regular visitors to the gardens are the ruby throated hummingbirds. The pair has been around since the first azaleas have bloomed and are frequently seem by the honeysuckle. One day maybe I'll get lucky and snap a photograph of one of those lovely little but noisy birds! I suspect they must have a tiny little nest somewhere well hidden from site and predators. The honeysuckle are growing in towers so that the flowers are readily obvious for the little hummingbirds. I am tryong to plant flowers that attract hummingbirds, bees adn butterflies. So far, so good!

Hope you enjoyed the photographs of Bucky and the gardens.

Until next time...……..
May your days be many and your troubles be few. And may all God's blessings descend upon you.

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