Sunday, February 9, 2020

02/09/2020 February

As I was outside yesterday with the boys I couldn't help but notice how nice it was. Yes, it was cold and windy. Really cold. But the sun was reflecting on the snow and the sky was clear and blue and you can just feel Spring in the air. I really like February. I was thinking it may not be my favorite month, as I like flowers in the gardens in the Spring, but it is a month I really enjoy.

In February you can feel the days are getting longer. When I was a surgical resident I learned how to cross country ski in February and that is when I first appreciate the true beauty of the month.  I remember the fields were open and snow covered and the sky was huge, clear and blue. Cold yes, but if you bundle up enough, it doesn't matter. It was simply beautiful.

So this morning we again spent some time outside in the sunshine, even though it is below freezing. I like watching the boys run and play in the snow, the squirrels are getting frisky and we have many, many birds at the feeders. My pair of bluebirds are still here feeding at the suet feeders. Shorty never ceases to amaze - my Yapese dog loves the cold weather. He likes to keep and eye on all activity outdoors. But he missed the deer crossing at the fence the other night. Saw my friend Bucky Deerburgher crossing into my yard, so I stopped the car to let him cross the road and just watch him run through the woods. So graceful, so beauty, so much a rodent with antlers. Hope he doesn't eat too many of my plants and shrubs.

Yes, I heard the news this morning. Three winter storms coming up this week alone. You say - let's hear what you have to say about February at the end of the week. But when it snows in February I shovel only the width of pathways and driveway as necessary. After all, March is coming soon and the snow will melt! No need to over shovel!

Blue skies and sunshine and a little snow in the backyard woods.

Gunnarr and Fionnegan in their new sweaters.


Shorty. Found him a tribal sweater, thought it worked for a dog from village in Yap!


Happiness is a journey. May you all find happiness in your lives in all that you do.

Until next time................

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