Sunday, July 26, 2020

07.26.2020 Signs of the time

It is very popular for residents of our local communities to post signs on their front lawns. You will see all types of political signs, graduation congratulations signs and social justice signs.  To me, the one sign that has had the most impact was a handwritten one I found along the way:

In every country around the world, there are victims of social injustice for any number of reasons. To personalize the injustice, saying the names of the victims makes the injustice all the more real. It is hard to ignore something when there is a name and a face that makes it a reality and not just a news story.

What can we do? We can all try to be a part of the solution. We can exhibit kindness and  tolerance to everyone we encounter. It may not always be easy, but it is worth the effort. And we can teach our children to do the same. What they see, they mimic. If we teach our children well we will make a positive impact in this world. Say their names - and do something positive.  All lives matter.

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