Monday, September 5, 2022

09.05.2022 Summertime

 We are all enjoying the last days of summer. Even though it has been hot, really hot, we are doing our best not to complain as soon it will be cold, really cold.

It has been nice having my little sailboat Mimi back in the water. It is a good break from being landlocked and I do enjoy the time sailing. And the views of the city skyline at dusk are always very special!

 Our drought is ending much to the relief of everyone, especially those of us with water wells and gardens. I refrained from watering the flower beds and they do look sad. Spent most of the time pulling out dead leaves from the lilies so when it does rain we won't have mold!

Here are the last of the summer flowers. The Stella d'Ora is a twice bloomer, once early and once late so it is a welcome site. This is the last of the blooms.

Mandevilla  - A very pretty tropical vine and one of my favorite flowers. Not many flowers this year but we will take what we can get! I bring it inside in the winter and so far it has survived the indoors and summer drought. Have  you noticed I have a lot of favorite flowers??

We have become fond of marigolds.  This is our one and only marigold so we are enjoying it. For some reason the plant is about three feet tall! A bit unusual!

Unless the garden shop gets some monkhood plants, it looks like we will have very few, if any to bloom. They are a fall favorite as they bloom well into November until the hard frost. They have these beautiful blue flowers that are showy and blend well with the lilies that are past bloom. But only a couple have survived the drought - barely survived. Maybe we will just get a few mums for color around the porch. I did get a black-eyed Susa and potted it. It is one of the few plants that I will water. Not putting it in the ground because of our bunny.  Run Bunny Run! 

Much to our surprise, the apple tree has done great. There have never been so many apples and we all are enjoying them - me, the boys and a few critters that get to them before me! They are small green apples and are mildly tart. But they are delicious.

Everyone has healed and all are doing well. Fionnegan still has a few setbacks from time to time from the Lyme disease with joint pain and Gunnarr had a late wound complication from his earlier surgery (what would you expect from a surgeon's dog??!!).  Shorty has been doing great and is as good as they come. They are a delight and good company. Sometimes I think it might be fun to take them sailing but then reality strikes me and I know that would be a very bad idea. Best to enjoy my boat without them! 

Fionnegan and Gunnarr just had a haircut, so Shorty and I spent some quality time together on a special walk. It is so much easier to walk one dog who is rather indifferent to other dogs on the trail! 

Am not only trying to learn my birds (taking another Bird Academy course online) but I am also trying to learn the birds by their calls. I have an app on my phone that identifies bird calls, so now I know who is singing early the  morning and who is a night owl! The one rare bird that I saw was a barn owl. It started calling outside the bedroom window in the wee hours of the night, then started perching in the trees alongside the driveway. I think he had his eyes on Fionnegan and Gunnarr. But that allowed me a chance to see him in all his glory and watch him soar to a different location twice.  Maybe he will return next year. But we have a great horned owl and a few barred owls nearby to entertain us in the night. .Must be good critter hunting ground for them.

One night a Carolina wren was buzzing past us in a tizzy. I was sitting on the porch doing my bird courses and playing a few bird calls. Maybe too many for her! So she flew into my sun umbrella! It was getting dark but you can still see her face and eye markings! I was wondering if she had a nest in there but it seems she just flew in there for cover!  She is a beautiful little bird and we have had a pair here for a couple of years. She also sings early in the morning. 

Do you see her in the umbrella?

Here is a closer look at this little bird.

It started to rain early this morning and so we will all just rest indoors today, no gardening or sailing or cookouts on Labor Day. Today I am going to make cauliflower soup as there was a special on cauliflower at the market and I decide why not? Something good to do while it rains outside. I am not much of a cook, but the dogs are happy to eat what I make for them so it cannot be all bad! Of course, they will not get the soup, but just a few pieces of cauliflower.

I do hope you are having a good Labor Day weekend. If you have travel plans please be safe.

And please check out Shorty's blog - he posted a few cute pictures of him and his brothers! We are trying to catch upon our blog postings on this rainy holiday morning! 

09.05.2022 Lazy Days of Summer

Until we meet again .............

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