Saturday, March 30, 2024

03.31.2024 Happy Easter!

 It is an early Easter this year and we are grateful that the sun is shining and that we don't have snow! For those of you who celebrate Easter, may you have a very special day. The day starts early with Mass then a special Eastre breakfast. The I will have a late lunch with friends. Good company and good food. 

Purple roses - one of my favorites. I think all flowers are one of my favorites! I am trying to have some fresh flowers in the house one way or another. They do brighten the day and the ambience!

Also like white roses.

And pink roses too! This is a lively bouquet and smells good too!

A very Blessed and Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Miracles do happen - Fionnegan is giving Shorty a kiss. Never thought I would see those two being buddies!

Fionnegan and Gunnarr enjoying a sunny day.

Shorty is all smiles!

This is Shorty's idea for a group picture when sitting on the kitchen porch. He does pretty well with photographic composition!

Until next time................................

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